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the treasury of a public institution or religious order

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The governor commended the other bursary providers, saying there is a need to have a standardised operating procedure on the management of bursaries that will allow needy students to benefit.
He said that the payment of the bursaries and scholarships had become necessary so as to support the students in their academic pursuits.
"As much as walking out will not solve the problem but we will no longer be held at ransom by the executive over bursaries. If they will not give us comprehensive undertaking of when the money will be disbursed then we will go ahead and stall government business including the budget starting tomorrow [Wednesday]," said Mr Mwaura.
For 2018/19, the Damang Mine has awarded scholarships and bursaries to 50 students pursuing various courses at the tertiary level.
Subjects eligible for bursaries of up to PS20,000 were Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics, Physics ANDTECHNOLOGY.
The university's partnership and outreach manager Dean Jones said: "We are enormously grateful for those who offer book bursaries.
It said the UGC has provided Mahapola and bursaries for students in all faculties who started education in January and February this year, and that the universities had already taken steps to disburse them accordingly within this month.
In all, three Bangor University students received one of the 75 bursaries awarded to students and apprentices.
He said bursaries being replaced with loans was "not a sustainable plan" and had been "imposed with no evidence as to how or why it will improve recruitment in the NHS".
They don't drink their bursaries away, they use it to survive.
Student midwives and nurses stage a protest over the scrapping of bursaries outside the Department of Health in London
Colleges Scotland told how the level of bursaries available has dropped and been replaced by an increasing loan component.
BIRMINGHAM Bach Choir has secured funding for two bursaries to support both the development of the choir and the development of promising student tenors.