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the treasurer at a college or university

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'It is instructive to appreciate that only the council is responsible for setting in motion the process of appointing a substantive bursar. And it was only recently that the Federal Government appointed a new chairman for the governing council.'
When I promptly informed the bursar about the exchange, he said to let the man be.
He went on: "Until now the principal, bursar and chairman have not responded to my call and messages.
All five posts of Bursar (BS-A17) are filled (50% by promotion and 50% by direct recruitment),
This year, 25 students were honored the title of Azercell Bursars upon multi-staged selection process.
The only solution, says the bursar, will be to lift them out, over the top of the new building using a crane.
After 10 years in the banking industry, in 1999 Kirkpatrick joined SIU as bursar. For 19 years she been responsible for the accounting procedures, systems and policies of collection, depositing and tracking the university's tuition and fees.
So her prim and cosy world is turned upside down when a secret society of undergraduates meets by the river on a gloomy January afternoon, only to find the drowned body of the college bursar floating in her canoe.
Eddie Miranda has been named bursar of Manchester Community College (Conn.).
On the day after the school's machine was installed, the bursar was in for a shock.
School bursar Pauline Wood has also retired, after 27 years at the school.