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the treasurer at a college or university

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Jill Kirkpatrick, a Du Quoin native and for 19 years the SIU bursar, is the choice of Du Quoin Mayor Guy Alongi to replace Commissioner Dale Spencer, who resigned from the council on Feb.
According to the statement, 'the Governing Council, after exhaustive deliberations, resolved and directed the Registrar, Mrs 'Sade Adediran and the Bursar, Mr Elijah Onaolapo to immediately step aside for three months subject to a review of the decision at the next Council meeting slated for May 2018.
I am refusing to pay as the contract was mis-sold and their methods of calculating the invoices were misrepresented," the bursar told me.
She finally took on the role of bursar, which deals with the financial administration at the school.
A PRIMARY school bursar has told how a concrete playground is so 'horrible' it is causing pupils to fight each other.
21, 2011 (TAP) - The Interior Ministry announced in a statement released on Monday that its sub-division of fight against organised crime has managed to unmask the killer of Salesian priest, Polish Marek Marius Rybinski, who was bursar at private school " Ibn Jazzar" in Manouba.
She was a bursar at the British School of Bahrain and an active volunteer at the Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals during her 10 years here.
Commander Malcolm Burley, who has died aged 82, became bursar of Stowe School and gave his name to a mountain in South Georgia.
That is the grim message from a Birmingham group of school bursars and business managers as they prepare to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Birmingham Bursar Group.
It failed to arrive at a consensus on the appointment of the bursar of the college.
Ten minutes before the race, I met the bursar of Park Village hall of residence on Sussex University campus.
ATHIEVING bursar will pay back almost pounds 180,000 of money she stole from one of England's oldest colleges.
Bruce Rathbone, who served for 20 years as business/circulation manager of the Canadian Churchman, predecessor to the Anglican Journal, and another 20 years as bursar of Wycliffe College in Toronto, died on Jan.
A UNIVERSITY bursar who stole almost pounds 500,000 from her college employers and spent much of it on clothes, was jailed for three years yesterday.
by the bursar from the proctor of Norham (Illustration 1) that measures barely four inches by six inches.