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a city in northwestern Turkey


a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints

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94 percent of patients experienced complete healing or considerable reduction in defect size; consistent partial to complete fill-in of the original bursal, intrasubstance and articular partial-thickness tear defects were observed as early as three months postoperatively, with sustained efficacy through 12 months.
A similar finding by Bursal and Paznokas (2006) argued that teachers' mathematics anxiety was significantly reduced as their mathematical knowledge increased.
Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) also known as Gumboro disease, is highly contagious and immuno-suppressive disease (Okwor et al.
In addition, PI3K-Akt pathway had secondary enriched genes and it had demonstrated that it might be mediate the direct anti-apoptotic activity of chicken bursal B cell cultures [49].
Direct inoculation of deep bursa is uncommon, but iatrogenic infection resulting from bursal injections of glucocorticoids (e.
The vaccine against infectious bursal disease of birds live dry.
Radiological examinations, including plain radiographies, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT) and dynamic ultrasonographies were obtained to rule out any pathological condition that may mimic snapping scapula and to detect any fluid-filled small bursal lesions.
The chicks were vaccinated via drinking water with ND (La Sota) at 10 day then booster dose of Newcastle virus vaccine (La Sota) at day (18 and 25) and vaccinated with infectious bursal disease (IBDL strain) (Ceva-Hungary) at day (14).
The vvIBDV strains causes mortality of about 50-60% in laying hens, 25-30% in broilers and 10-100% in susceptible leghorns (5) and causes depletion of B lymphocytes in bursal follicles, which results in immune-suppression (5).
Due to the significant overlap in clinical features, it is often difficult to differentiate SB from non-septic bursitis (NSB) without bursal aspirate analysis.
Hasan Serdar Kihtir (1), Hamdi Murat Yildirim (1), Osman Yesilbas (1), Burcu Bursal Duramaz (2), Esra Sevketoglu (1)
The interaction of infectious bursal disease (IBD) and aflatoxicosis led to an increased mortality of 35.
Findings for partial thickness tears included a hypoechoic defect of the articular side of the tendon for an articular-side partial-thickness tear and flattening of the bursal surface of the tendon for a bursal-side partial-thickness tear.
Chronic bursitis is characterized by accumulation of bursal fluid and thickening of bursal wall by fibrous tissue, fibrous bands and septa may develop in bursal cavity and subcutaneous tissues around bursa continue to thicken (Honnas et al.
Tuberculosis of the skeletal system: bones, joints, spine and bursal sheaths.