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a city in northwestern Turkey


a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints

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No other bursae were identified between SSC and scapula.
Bursae close to the surface of the skin are most likely to get infected.
myrsusalis, the 8th abdominal segment (AVIII) is rougher in texture and has a modified ostium bursae consisting of a fishtail-shaped lamella antevaginalis (la) and a medial longitudinal ridge (r) posterior of the ostium bursae.
3] en el ala anterior de la hembra; 10(1) region media del gnathos densamente espinosa; 14(1) anellus armado con microespinas; 16(1) anellus esclerosado y con forma de tridente; 17(1) anellus unido a una membrana esclerosada; 21(1) signum ausente; 23(1) corpus bursae globoso.
11) Gordon thought adjacent bursae were involved secondarily, analogous to bursitis and tendinitis of the shoulder.
Guariglia, "Spontaneous hemorrhage of bursae and joints in the elderly," Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Diseases, vol.
Tophi cause erosions of joints, but also deposit in the skin and soft tissue, including the bursae, tendons and articular cartilage.
Shoulder bursitis refers to the inflammation of the bursae, fluid filled sacs located between the shoulders and muscles or tendons.
Con relacion a lo anterior, Kristensen (2003) senala que cuando en Lepidoptera la bursa copulatrix presenta un lobulo extra situado en el extremo posterior (adyacente al conducto de esta) algunas veces se le denomina como pseudobursa o appendix bursae.
Fore wing tawny with black boarder, apical half of the wing black with white bands; hind wing tawny, black boarder with two irregular series of white spots, inmale under side black and white spot; veins marked with black bands; apophysis posterior, thorn - like; ductus bursae long; corpus bursae balloon like with rod like cornuti (Fig.
There are also a number of other, non-articular bursae around the knee, consisting of cavities lined with synovial membrane, and containing synovial fluid--the pre-patella bursa, and the deep and superficial infrapatella bursae.
Shankland and Gilliland defined bursitis as an inflammation of in 1996 proved the histological presence of the ham-unknown cause of any of the many bursae between ular process bursa.
Vaughan, "Radiographic anatomy of tendon sheaths and bursae in the horse," Equine Veterinary Journal, vol.
Differential diagnosis with Infectious Bursal Disease caused by classical or hypervirulent strains, was established in our cases based on previous vaccination history and low mortality, together with the absence of other typical macroscopic findings like oedematous, haemorrhagic or atrophic bursae, haemorrhagic carcass muscles, nephritis, and/or abundant intestinal mucous content (TESSARI et al.
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