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a city in northwestern Turkey


a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints

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The influence of silver nano particles on chicken embryo development and bursa of Fabricius morphology.
It lacked a bursa of Fabricius, and the skull was estimated to be 30% ossified, an exceptionally high ossification for a hummingbird and a strong indication that the bird was reproductively mature.
Inclusion bodies were present in various organs, especially the bursa of Fabricius.
Endoscopic equipment used for coelioscopic biopsy of the spleen and bursa of Fabricius.
The stomach, breast meat, bursa of fabricius, liver, spleen and abdominal fat were removed by trained personnel and weighed.
Replication of PiCV could be proved on the basis of histologic findings of multiglobular inclusion bodies, mainly observed in macrophages of the bursa of Fabricius.
Avian thymus and bursa of fabricius play an important role in the development of immunological competence as neonatal surgical or embryonic hormonal bursectomy in chicken greatly reduced subsequent antibody forming capacity (Mueller et al.
There was inflammation in the epicardium and endocardium; the interstitium of the lungs, kidney, adrenal and thyroid glands; the lamina propia of the intestine; and, in occasional birds, in the brain, bursa of Fabricius, and bone marrow, associated with similar organisms in the macrophages.
The liver, bursa of fabricius, spleen, breast muscle and abdominal fat were then removed by trained personnel and weighed.
Thymus, spleen and bursa of fabricius were weighed separately to calculate organ indices expressed as a percentage of body weight, in addition, the spleen was collected for the lymphocyte proliferation assay.
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