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having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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Both sides are doing well in their respective leagues so far this term, with Burry Port top and unbeaten in Three West B while Taffs Well are currently level on points at the top of Three East Central A.
Burry wasn't the only one who saw the economic meltdown coming: His actions set off a series of events that bond salesman Jared Vennett (Gosling) and outspoken hedge fund manager Mark Baum (Carell) got wind of.
Work on Station Road is planned for 2016 whereas the Burry Port work begins in spring 2015.
He has recently completed a challenging rebuild in Burry Port and has demonstrated that parishes can grow when they are well resourced and have a clear vision for the future.
The event kicks off at Marina Fields in Burry Port.
Michael completed his treatment about three weeks ago and is recuperating from the process," Burry said.
Longtime publicist and friend Allen Burry also said that contrary to published reports, the actor has not changed his will since undergoing treatment for throat cancer, and he isn't saying goodbye to loved ones.
Burry Port Town Band, who were booked last year, said they were "musicians not politicians" and that the political row should not stop them performing at the celebrations.
Emergency services were called to the beach at Cefn Sidan, near Burry Port, west Wales, on Sunday night when the tunnel fell around him The teenager, from Wrexham, north Wales, had been on holiday with his family and friends.
Having 3,500 SKUs is great," Fresh & Easy chief commercial officer John Burry says.
With the aid of chief commercial officer John Burry and chief marketing officer Simon Uwins, Mason believes the quality discounter concept is a winning one, claiming to offer 'Whole Foods Market-quality food at Wal-Mart prices'.
John Nicol, 29, became the Burry Man to take part in the pagan ritual that is believed to date back 900 years.
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, manufacturers of weld purging accessories, pipe stoppers, Tungsten Grinders and the world famous Multi Strike Tungsten Electrodes, left Huntingdon and relocated to Burry Port in Carmarthenshire.
It made no difference that the woman in the box actually was his mother, at least some of the time; Burry still thought him basically ungenuine, maybe exploitative, and not to be enjoyed by a civilized person.