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small donkey used as a pack animal

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With a love for animals that knows no bounds, the 12-year-old spent part of a recent Saturday afternoon ambling through the Wild Horse and Burro Holding Facility in Ewing with her family, considering the adoption of a "living legend.
The horses offered at the event are adult and yearling horses and burros that once roamed free on public lands in the West.
In 1987, the park began phase three, which allowed selected rangers to shoot any remaining burros in remote areas, not to exceed three in any one location.
As my nephew and burro savant Abram Felsch pointed out, burros need to be treated like a smart kid rather than a beast of burden.
Over the past two decades, in order to prevent overgrazing and to free up land for cattle, the BLM has been steadily moving the horses and burros to off-range holding facilities, from where they can be adopted.
Wheels Up said it plans to donate a portion of the fee for each membership purchased during the month of September 2016 to the Janet Burros Memorial Foundation.
ORANGE -- The government's wild horse and burro adoption program made a rare appearance in the region over the weekend, drawing curious onlookers, animal lovers and those wanting to bring one home.
com)-- Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund is excited to join the Washoe County Commission in celebration of its Resolution to Protect Northern Nevada's Wild Horses and Burros at today's December 9, 2014 Commission meeting held at the Commission Chambers at 1001 9th Street, Reno, Nevada.
En el Parque Provincial Ischigualasto, sitio declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por UNESCO en el ano 2000, existen poblaciones asilvestradas de burros (Equus assinus), que impactan sobre las poblaciones de cardones (Echinopsis terscheckii), elementos dominantes en muchas zonas aridas y semiaridas.
La deformacion del borde dorsal del cuello en caballos es una condicion descrita inicialmente en la Pura Raza Espanola, en Lusitanos, en burros de raza Andaluza y en caballos cruzados de tiro pero ha sido poco estudiada en caballos miniatura por lo cual se plantea como objetivo un estudio comparativo del borde dorsal del cuello en equinos miniatura.
Wild burros in Big Bend Ranch State Park are getting a reprieve - for now.
En burros se ha reportado el caso en un potrillo con esteatitis y mionecrosis en Nueva Zelanda (6) y en otro de 1.
Daney, a backpacker for over fifty years and a pack burro backpacker for the last twenty five, found available literature lacking and wrote this guide on the art and joy of packing with burros.
Ahora, la ultima anecdota que les contare es la de Los burros.
Marrion Burros, a blogger with Politico Click, insists that White House has invited Marcus Samuelsson, the Ethiopian- born Swedish chef based in America, to prepare a global spread that will also have a curry dish.