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small donkey used as a pack animal

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Both Burro and HashMove only employ drivers that comply with state laws, according to company officials.
Rebecca Wiler, whose official title is Wild Horse and Burro specialist with the agency, was assisting prospective adopters with necessary paperwork in a trailer set up at the Fairview Farm, Friday and Saturday during the two-day event.
During a time when controversy reigns about roundups of the wild horses and burros, The Wynema Ranch, a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit organization provides a sanctuary for the animals.
But there's more, Pepe Burro offers a wide variety if dishes.
A group of people in Guayaquil, Ecuador, have tried to get a donkey named Senor Burro (Mr Donkey) on the ballot for the upcoming Presidential elections.
Daney, a backpacker for over fifty years and a pack burro backpacker for the last twenty five, found available literature lacking and wrote this guide on the art and joy of packing with burros.
14, three lost animals were listed--a miniature burro, a Shetland Pony and a black bull.
The first of three documents collected here is an excerpt of a report written by the US Geological Survey (USGS) and published by the Bureau of Land Management, Strategic Research Plan Wild Horse and Burro Management: The Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Program US Department of Interior.
We failed to credit Aurora for the photograph of a burro on page 34.
The long-term sustainability of BLM's Wild Horse and Burro Program depends on the resolution of two significant challenges: (1) If not controlled, off-the-range holding costs will continue to overwhelm the program.
When I was in Spanish Club in high school, my teacher showed me how to make a burro pinata out of poster board, tape, paper cups, toilet-paper tubes and layered strips of tissue paper.
Northern Freegold is a Canadian-based resource exploration and development company focused on developing economic reserves on the district-scale Freegold Mountain project in the Yukon and the Burro Creek project in Arizona.
The feral burro (Equus asinus) occurs across much of the rugged landscapes of the western United States.
The Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management will hold a special wild horse and burro adoption at the Saline County Fairground in Benton on March 10-11.
A person who claims ownership of a burro or horse on "public