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small donkey used as a pack animal

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The animals at the Ewing facility are part of the Bureau's Wild Horse and Burro Program that began in 1971.
The horses offered at the event are adult and yearling horses and burros that once roamed free on public lands in the West.
Tyrone, creator of Senor Burro and uttered one word, "Wow
The first two phases successfully removed 5,873 burros, the majority of which were adopted through the Fund for Animals and Wild Horses of America.
You can ride them, but as with mules, burros require burro-specific saddles.
html) BLM , as of March 1, 2016, there were over 67,000 on-range wild horses and burros in the U.
Both Burro and HashMove only employ drivers that comply with state laws, according to company officials.
Journey to Freedom and Great Burro Turnaround - 9 a.
ORANGE -- The government's wild horse and burro adoption program made a rare appearance in the region over the weekend, drawing curious onlookers, animal lovers and those wanting to bring one home.
Llevaban su burro con la carga de lo que venderian en el mercado.
His restaurants across the country will be showcasing mushroom specials throughout September and October and will also be selling products like white truffle oil, mushroom knives and Burro al Tartufo truffle butter.
To satisfy these culinary needs visit the Pepe Burro Mexican Grill.
En 1978 se creo la Asociacion Americana de Caballos Miniatura (AMHA), en 1984 es reconocida la Sociedad Surafricana de Criadores de Caballos Miniatura (MHBSSA), en 1989 se establece la Asociacion Nacional del Burro Miniatura (NMDA) para la proteccion del burro miniatura del Mediterraneo, en 1992 se establece la Asociacion Britanica de Caballos Miniatura (BMHS), posteriormente la Sociedad Anglo Europea de Caballos Miniatura (AEMHS), con el proposito de registrar y estandarizar cada una de las razas de equinos miniatura.
And now he's founder and chief executive officer of Burro, a for-profit company based in Koforidua, Ghana, that provides batteries, irrigation pumps, eyeglasses, and other products to low-income families in rural areas.