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a flour tortilla folded around a filling

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From October 1997 through October 1998, 16 outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness associated with eating burritos occurred in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania.
For smaller catering orders (of six or more), Chipotle offers a "Burritos by the Box" option, which allows customers to mix and match their choice of chicken, steak, carnitas, barbacoa or vegetarian burritos including white or brown cilantro-lime rice, vegetarian black beans, mild fresh tomato salsa and cheese.
It's unique because it fuses the idea of burritos with Indian cuisine.
Most burritos cost PS5, with some extras adding the odd 50p to your total.
Sloppy's Burritos is designed on the premise that healthy food should be simple, affordable and good for the planet.
Though not a formal organization, their operation, known simply as "Bikes and Burritos," encourages students to form deeper connections with their community.
He's also an avid rock climber, and his struggle to make it in the food industry has resembled an inch-by-inch ascent up an unforgiving rock face, starting in 2001 when it occurred to him that he might be able to sell burritos to climbers entering Boulder's Eldorado Canyon.
Thanks to a new burrito joint set to open in the yet-to-be-named 150,000-SF shopping center across the road from the new Wal-Mart on East McCain Boulevard, the food of choice for West Coast surfers is coming to North Little Rock by way of Music City.
El Extremo Burritos are packed with only the highest-quality ingredients--100% beef, real cheese, whole pinto beans and a zesty blend of spices and sauces.
VEGETARIAN: honey-glazed carrots, spinach-flavored and tomato-flavored tortillas, BRC burrito, Orange Bang, Pina Colada Bang
These were among the few structurally sound burritos we sampled.
Sodium is on the high-ish side (763 mg with green sauce, 888 mg with red sauce), but it's still below the beef burritos and taco salads.
With more than 550 Green Burritos now serving authentic Mexican flavors within Carl's Jr.
com)-- Stand-up comedy and burritos might not seem like a natural pairing, but that doesn't seem to matter to the founders of the San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival or the hundred-and-fifty plus supporters who made their Kickstarter fundraising campaign a success.
The young woman dashed through the earthy offerings, turning heads as she flew, and stepped up to the Ritta's Burritos booth.