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a flour tortilla folded around a filling

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(Yeah, that's also this week.) I'll show you where to go for a great carne asada burrito, where to get the best burgers on the West Coast, and take you to a steak house that's been serving the South Bay's tech sector for over 50 years.
Text 888222 to receive instructions for burrito redemption.
si T- pes The product description on the ite reads: "This realistic Burrito Tortilla Blanket comes in two shap- Circle and Rectangle.
? Wahaca Manchester / Corn Exchange, Exchange Square, M4 3TR / 0161 4137493 Changos Burrito Bar Long queues spilling out of the door are a familiar sight at this Oxford Street eatery during the lunch hour rush - and for good reason too.
In a Facebook post, staff said it was 'exciting news' that Jack Burrito would close its doors as a dine-in restaurant but would still continue to offer their Latin food, delivered directly to customers' doors seven days a week.
Calling all Sushi Burrito lovers and those that love food challenges to Jogasaki Sushi Burrito, Home of the Original Sushi Burrito[TM], for the first ever Jogazilla Sushi Burrito Championship in Las Vegas.
This snap of Beebs - or a man who looked liked him - stuffing his face with the Mexican staple went viral with many asking: "Is it OK to eat a burrito sideways?" One fan, Leon Wolf, angrily said: "How long can Justin Bieber remain silent about whether he is or is not the person who defiled that poor burrito."
Taco Bell will be giving away 1250 free burritos at their restaurants to celebrate a new product launch in collaboration with Doritos.
Mission Burrito has shut its restaurants in both Cardiff and Newport.
Leeds-based Adam Moran attempted the 5lb burrito challenge at Darlington's Cougar's Sports Bar.
The counter felt like a Subway branch and gave the place a casual, fast-food feel, with dozens of food trays and an assembly line of staff making different parts of the burrito, taco, quesadilla or other dish.
A TRADITIONAL BURRITO is humble: "Mother's portable little lunch box, filled with whatever was on hand, usually dinner from the night before," says food activist and indigenous chef Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz.
An intrepid tipster informed me about a new offering at Sarasota's Goichi's Sushi Cafe: the sushi burrito. To my knowledge, Goichi's is the first restaurant in our area to begin serving it.