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Burping is normal, particularly during or right after a meal.
A group including nursing and pediatric specialists from Chandigarh, India took on the Grandmas in their publication, "A randomized controlled trial of burping for the prevention of colic and regurgitation in healthy infants." Their conclusion: "burping did not significantly lower colic events and there was significant increase in regurgitation episodes." Yikes!
Studies claim cows can emit anywhere from 100 litres, or about 26-53 gallons, to 500 litres, about 132 gallons, of methane a day mainly through burping but also flatulence as they chew the cud.
London, Sep.15 (ANI): Britain is a nation of burping, nose-picking couch potatoes, a survey of 3, 000 people has revealed.
Until a test case last year, it had been assumed burping, or bringing something up from the stomach, could affect a breath test, meaning police could carry out blood or urine tests as an alternative.
So not only do you get hot water, electric light and a fuel substitute, you get six lovable pets in your garden, all burping you on your way to self- sufficiency while providing a couple of woolly jumpers every year.
Q MY husband is always burping - after hot or cold drinks and every time he eats something.
* Although burping is a normal function of the digestive system, it can be embarrassing at times.
Normal burping is caused by air we swallow while eating and usually ceases within an hour of finishing the meal.
Typically, after you drink a carbonated beverage, the gas is simply expelled from the body, either through burping or flatulence, and does not cause problems, except perhaps social embarrassment.
Burping is your body's way of releasing that excess air.
NOSEPICKING, burping and passing wind in public are rife among the population, according to a survey which questioned 6,000 people about their personal habits.
In the no man's land between the Muslim and Jewish Quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem, a burping contest between two boys begins.
A WACKY science exhibition which teaches children about burping and breaking wind opened to the public yesterday.
Larger than traditional cloths used for burping, it is also equipped with a Velcro fastener to hold it firmly in place.