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Completing the trio of unpleasant bodily habits was burping out loud when alone at home - popular with 30 per cent of people.
1) He's no heavyweight, but Justin Timberlake knows how to burp, beating Hugh Jackman in a Kids' Choice Awards burping contest Saturday at UCLA.
Some of it gels squeezed back out of your mouth, causing eructation (ih-rehk-TAY-shun), a fancy word for burping.
The medical word for burping is "eructation", though few people use the word or know what it means.
And 34pc said they had no shame in burping loudly in public or passing wind indiscreetly (29pc).
This burping contest appears in Promises, which chronicles the lives of seven Israeli and Palestinian children, ages nine to thirteen, living in and around Jerusalem.
IF YOU'VE ever wondered where the bulk of Australia's burping ruminants hang out, CSIRO Atmospheric Research has just the map for you.
Collymore, distraught at the demise of 'Ulrika' showed his true colours by burping not only the national anthem of Kazakhstan, but also God Save The Queen, Agadoo and The Birdie Song.
In Bali I was often stirred by unfamiliar sounds: the tiny squeak of a cicak lizard stalking prey on the bedroom walls, the lament of distant roosters, water rushing in irrigation pipes, insects whirring, frogs burping, pigeons (feet ornamented with tiny brass bells) shaking metallic rain down from the sky.
No, burping does not mean that you've eaten too much.
Burping is your body's way of relieving the build-up of extra stomach gas.
By morning, the bucket is empty and a contented group of New Jersey pigs is burping in satisfaction over a gourmet breakfast.
Most people may learn to ignore behaviours that others refuse responsibility for, from obvious gaffes -- such as burping in public -- to the subtler intricacies of lying, Ekman argues.