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Synonyms for burp



  • belch
  • bring up wind
  • eructate
  • hiccup or hiccough

Synonyms for burp

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This year Harry reportedly turned down a pounds 1million pay rise - which would have taken his salary to pounds 4million - to make more TV Burps.
Executives have been ordered to hold on to him "at any cost" because his TV Burp pulls in more middle class and high earning viewers than other ITV shows.
He will honour his current commitments to host TV Burp and You've Been Framed on ITV1 until the end of next year.
You burp one, and move onto the next,'' she said, exchanging Katy for Chad.
At the railway station he was deep in thought and heard the child burp.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it is clear ITV should have just brought back Burp and revitalised SITE with a different host.
air of befudd straight acti isn't strayi Burp per He pla Branesta inventor w pairs of s times - ev his shirt tail makes crazy co His lab is und land-hungry bus Miller) who wants build an ammuni supported in his councillor Harold Mitchell).
The wacky TV Burp star the wacky TV Burp star tops a wish list of big names the Beeb hope will help boost ratings.
Ireland admitted she really can't burp the alphabet, but she did let out a loud belch on command from the stage during the second night of preliminary competition.
Any animal that eats and has a stomach will burp and fart.
SINCE Harry Hill's TV Burp ended SINCE Harry Hill's TV Burp ended I haven't often laughed out loud at the telly, however, that all changed on Sunday night as I watched Off Their Rockers.
From the days of his own Channel 4 sketch show 15 years ago to You've Been Framed and 11 series of Harry Hill's TV Burp, picking up Baftas and British Comedy Awards along the way, he's gone from strength to strength.
What father-of-three Harry can't be doing when he's on stage is watching TV - but he couldn't be happier that he no longer has to sit through up to 10 hours of programmes every day, looking for things to make fun of for TV Burp.
Also, there's a chance to catch up on Harry's Nan's latest ailments, see the legendary Stouffer the Cat and a debut solo stand-up spot by Gary, Harry's son from his first marriage - and more recognisable from his role as Alan Sugar in Harry Hill's TV Burp.
Forty-five years in news and I get mistaken for the Yorkshire Ripper" Former BBC newsreader Peter Sissons, above "If the baby doesn't end up supporting West Brom, we might have to spend quite a few weekends away from each other" Comedian Frank Skinner who is an "expectant" father "One of them, a big fat one, did an enormous burp in my ear as I walked past.