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Synonyms for burp



  • belch
  • bring up wind
  • eructate
  • hiccup or hiccough

Synonyms for burp

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Unfortunately, he took the few annoying aspects of Burp, stomped all over a legend and created TV Projectile Vomit.
This run will include 25 episodes, including a review of 2008 over the Christmas holiday period and - for the first time - four extra shows in the New Year bring together the best all time TV Burp moments.
A methane burp there is really weird,'' said Richard Squires, a geologist at California State University, Northridge.
As a burp is born, the air pushes past the epiglottis.
The loudest burp in the world was registered in April 2000 at 118.
Kim Gillum of Little Rock and her friend, Darcy Hensen of Fayetteville, began Pixiedust originally to work at home with their children, but the small business has been so successful that the pair is making plans to sell the burp cloths Out of state.
In the case of a pressure pour that can be tilted, the metal level can be lowered well below burp level by pouring metal from the vessel via the fill spout.
Sourcing of the ACE Adjustment: The alternative minimum tax rules should be amended to provide a simplifying rule with regard to the adjusted current earnings preference, similar to that provided in respect of the BURP preference of former section 59(a)(1)(C).
Featuring enchanting scenes from Disney's rich heritage of stories, characters and art portrayed in an understated fashion, the collections will offer cashmere blankets, hooded robes and mittens, bibs and burp cloths, organic cotton tees, cardigans, and casual separates.
COMEDIAN Harry Hill has ruled out bringing back hit show TV Burp and says being in front of the cameras makes him "grumpy".
day is day is on the on the From the days of his own Channel 4 sketch show 15 years ago to You've Been Framed and 11 series of Harry Hill's TV Burp, picking up Baftas and British Comedy Awards along the way, he's gone from strength to strength.
Joined by showband The Harry's, there's a section exclusively for Tongans, a chance to catch up on Harry's Nan's latest ailments, the legendary Stouffer the Cat and a debut solo stand-up spot by Gary, Harry's son from his first marriage and recognisable for his role as Alan Sugar in Harry Hill's TV Burp.
SATURDAY Harry Hill's TV Burp ITV1, 7pm Harry Hill returns to cast his sardonic eye over the week's TV programmes for what could be the last time, as he's reported to have quit TV Burp.
Extensive calculations and research by his team revealed that the burp pumped over 12,000 gigatons of methane into the atmosphere during the final years of the Triassic.