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the amount of fuel used up (as in a nuclear reactor)

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Members of the Burnup family appear, including Emma, John, William and Thomas Burnup.
Even after 10years in the cooling ponds, high burnup fuel rods are problematic.
RECORD-BREAKINGstunt driver Terry Grant is set to burnup the track at the season's opening Max Power car event at Crail Raceway on SundayHolder of no fewer than 12 Guinness World Records, Grant will be showing off his latest bag of goodies to thousands of modified car enthusiasts who will travel from all over the UK to sample the high-octane action at the Fife venue.
Duff's career in the construction industry began in July 1971 when, after completing a tour of duty in the armed forces, he began working for LP&H, which was later bought out by Burnup & Sims Incorporated.
This March it's slated for a computer-controlled burnup over the Pacific Ocean, 3,000 kilometers (1,850 miles) east of Australia.
This procedure separates the firing device from the explosive charge, leading to a burnup or a deflagration, instead of detonating the charge.
2%, fuel burnup (burnup = energy produced by the fuel per unit weight) is increased by almost a factor of 3, and uranium consumption drops by about 25% compared to natural uranium fuel.
Commenting on the edgeConnect decision, Mike Burnup, Ecclesiastical's IT Director, said, "Ecclesiastical has a long term vision of becoming a fully web enabled business.
Steven John Burnup, 36, of Bowes Road, Billingham, given a community order with supervision requirement, ordered to pay PS2.
It states: "Generally, the rented houses, still owned by Cuthbert Burnup, were then occupied by well-to-do professionals or those having independent financial means, with their families and typically two live-in female domestic servants.
assuming an average discharge burnup of the fuel of 45%.
portfolio reporting - New delivery trend charts, including portfolio burnup and cumulative flow diagrams, track delivery trends, facilitate realistic performance targets and demonstrate achievable improvement plans.
Dobriskey ran the first lap conservatively before attempting to mix it in the burnup over the final lap.
Jacqueline Whitehouse, Burnup Grove, Cleckheaton; fined pounds 200, with pounds 431 costs and pounds 15 victim surcharge.