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the amount of fuel used up (as in a nuclear reactor)

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Burnup, of Routledge Road, St Ann's Hill, Stockton, appeared at Teesside Crown Court last December.
Cuthbert Burnup built railway wagons as early as 1829 and that may be the link for the appearance in the book of John Blackmore, who was appointed as chief engineer in 1833 for the Newcastle-Carlisle railway.
This large increase in capacity factor was achieved by reducing outages, having longer fuel cycles, using higher burnup fuel, reducing unplanned outages and fuel failures.
Well, not quite but you can now take your Renaultsport models for a burnup round Oulton Park, Cadwell Park and the Bedford Autodrome.
For the planned new reactors even more enriched uranium is proposed, producing very high burnup spent fuel.
The last part of distance races is often the fastest - take the burnup on the last lap of the latest women's world championship 10,000 metres - in contrast to races over shorter distances.
Two burnup figures occur in the literature; van Leeuwen and Smith use the higher one, based on extracting energy more efficiently from the uranium fuel.
RECORD-BREAKINGstunt driver Terry Grant is set to burnup the track at the season's opening Max Power car event at Crail Raceway on SundayHolder of no fewer than 12 Guinness World Records, Grant will be showing off his latest bag of goodies to thousands of modified car enthusiasts who will travel from all over the UK to sample the high-octane action at the Fife venue.
Duff's career in the construction industry began in July 1971 when, after completing a tour of duty in the armed forces, he began working for LP&H, which was later bought out by Burnup & Sims Incorporated.
This March it's slated for a computer-controlled burnup over the Pacific Ocean, 3,000 kilometers (1,850 miles) east of Australia.
This procedure separates the firing device from the explosive charge, leading to a burnup or a deflagration, instead of detonating the charge.
2%, fuel burnup (burnup = energy produced by the fuel per unit weight) is increased by almost a factor of 3, and uranium consumption drops by about 25% compared to natural uranium fuel.
Y se convirtio en la columna vertebral de Mas Tec Inc, el conglomerado empresarial de Mas Canosa, que se formo con la incorporacion de Burnup & Sima Inc, de Palm Beach y otras companias de la familia Mas, particularmente las dedicadas a los bienes raices.
Burnup & Sims,(113) a 1964 Supreme Court decision that fits somewhat awkwardly with the Court's section 8(a)(3) decisions,(114) also usefully demonstrates this point.