burnt sienna

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a reddish-brown pigment produced by roasting sienna

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Now, with a mix of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, I filled in the rest of the sky, washing and squeezing out the brush and 'sucking' out a few clouds.
At which point my mobile rings and it is the Minister's PA and he puts the Minister on and I say, hello Sir, I am looking for my wife's cushion covers, do you prefer Burnt Sienna or Foo-something seeya.
A majority of the interior walls are painted with Sigmatex emulsion, tinted in unusual colors, such as yellow ochre, raw umber, vandyke brown and burnt sienna.
HALLWAY: Tuileries wallpaper in burnt sienna, five rolls, pounds 16 per roll (www.
The fact that the color scheme of Williams's carpets--ranging from faded periwinkle to burnt sienna, peach, tan, goldenrod, auburn, sand, and aquamarine--seems viscerally satisfying, turns up the volume on many of the unstated implications of the built environment.
The Wave is like an Olympic-size swimming pool, with swooning, undulating walls lined with burnt sienna, pink, gray, turquoise and pale green.
The new MEND center, a 40,000-square-foot facility dressed in ocean blue, mustard yellow and burnt sienna, is now within walking distance for residents of San Fernando Gardens, the U.
The black pipes had burnt sienna, violet and an orange to them.
Unifying the entire dental school is the customized linoleum flooring which runs the college colors--deep blue, burnt sienna and ochre--throughout, with seams welded together to prevent contaminated fluids from collecting in any cracks.
The colors include real artists' color like Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna.
Featured colours include Still Life - a deep burnt sienna, Nail Noir - a deep raisin and Work of Art - a bright vermillion.
Sauerbruch & Hutton have used their familiar palette of colours: magenta, ochre, burnt sienna, pale blue-white and so on, to generate an abstract pattern of vertical rectangles, which wanders gently over the whole facade.
And finally, the Seljuk cream--colored dish inscribed with burnt sienna letters laced around the edge that the antique dealers had repeatedly wanted to buy.
The four neew lines are:Exotic (Colours: burnt sienna, gold, green and natural) - a botanicallyinspired fusion of east meets west, with a rich Tuscan-inspired colour palette.