burnt sienna

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a reddish-brown pigment produced by roasting sienna

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The posts in front of the arch were painted using my rigger brush and a mix of ultramarine and burnt sienna to make a black.
For the shadows I use cobalt blue mixed with alizarin crimson and burnt sienna. Apply these to the bottom left hand side while the grass is still slightly damp.
KELSO: 2.00 Snowed In, 2.35 Al Musheer, 3.15 Wakhan, 3.55 Gold Chain, 4.25 Kumbeshwar (nap), 5.00 Sendiym, 5.35 Burnt Sienna.
If you haven't changed them since the last time I was there they are Midnight Blue so you could try cushion covers in Burnt Sienna.
The line consists of the following colors: ocher (ASTM D85), raw or burnt sienna (ASTM D765), natural or burnt red (ASTM D3722), and raw or burnt umber (ASTM D763).
CARTMEL 5.50 Volcanic 6.20 Hopeand 6.50 Solway Dornal 7.25 Hinton Indiana 7.55 Elsafeer 8.30 Burnt Sienna 9.00 Sam Lord.
Four distinct color stories are featured in the collection, with color palettes that include khaki, adobe, teal, burnt sienna, indigo and Prussian blue.
A Moroccan Cut Out Mirror, PS29.99, and a Marrakech-style Metal Cut Out Table Lamp, PS19.99, and a Burnt Sienna Collection Ridged Effect Plate, PS9.99, all from Dunelm Mill (08451 656 565/www.dunelm-mill.com), would help instantly conjure the right atmosphere.
Thatched roofs, lazy palm trees, a quiet lagoon and the rich, deep burnt sienna colour of the wood make for a picture that's exquisitely desirable.
A second cup, Otanigui5d, was drizzled with flecks of earthy colour and was punctuated with a white dot surrounded by a pulsating ring of burnt sienna. At first, the white burst of colour caught one off guard as though a mistake had been made but the thought was soon replaced by fascination for form and colour working in harmony.
By reducing her palette to essential earth colors--transparent yellow ocher over burnt sienna, Venetian red mixed with black for the tonalities, and a surprised (and surprising) cerulean blue and dark green combination--and by using them sparingly, she generates a field of painted luminous white.
Madam Mo is one of the three to have attempted the trip, along with Greek Goddess and Burnt Sienna, but she did so riderless.
A Birmingham artist has painted the city's infamous motorway maze in a range of eye-catching colours including yellow ochres, purple, blue and, of course, burnt sienna.
In colours like sand, biscuit, burnt sienna and accented with metals, the key looks from this collection are tribal motifs, ceremonial statement necklaces worn close to the neck, chevron bangles and styles accented with feathers and charms.
1.What colour is burnt sienna? 2.Who succeeded Henry VIII as king/queen?