burnt lime

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a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

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Low-quality burnt lime, which accumulates in the steel works anyway, can be used as the desulphurisation agent.
Burnt lime produced at the plant will be used to coat filtration screens and trap impurities while producing alumina, or refined bauxite, which is used in aircraft and industrial construction.
(Do not use quicklime, burnt lime, hydrated lime or other chemically active "hot" limes.)
The recommendation also assumes that approximately 4 years will be required for the limestone to completely react, although materials such as slaked or burnt lime react much more quickly.
The Finnish limestone products producer Nordkalk Corporation said on Wednesday (12 May) that its Swedish subsidiary Nordkalk AB had signed an agreement with the Swedish paper products company Imerys Mineral AB on delivery of burnt lime for production of the paper pigment PCC.
For example, a burden-optimization model automatically determines the required quantities of mixtures of iron carriers, coke, burnt lime, and other additives.