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melt, break, or become otherwise unusable

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This sample was composed of high school athletes and specializers were not "elite" in their status, nor was their specialization history as lengthy (M= 3.81 years) compared to other research (e.g., specializers' history M= 6.9 years in Strachan et al., 2009), and may have been an insufficient specialization period to observe substantial changes in motivation or burnout. This was indirectly confirmed by low burnout scores for both specializers and non-specializers (See Table 2).
To fix burnout, people need to address the stress itself.
The prevalence of burnout has also risen in transitional societies, where PCPs meet the bulk of the population's healthcare needs.
Waddill-Goad (2018) discussed how burnout can be seen in different departments of nursing.
Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Global Health Institute, the Massachusetts Medical Society, and the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association -- offers a number of recommendations for curbing burnout, including the appointment of an executive-level chief wellness officer within every major health care organization, as well as proactive mental health treatment and support for struggling providers.
First, be aware that many dancers are perfectionists, making them especially prone to burnout. Symptoms include constant fatigue, upper respiratory infections and recurring injuries.
Leiter and Maslach divided occupational burnout into three components, which are emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation (cynicism) and reduced personal accomplishment.2 Emotional exhaustion refers to an individual's decline in emotional and physical resources.
For instance, if you work in a toxic environment or where there is heavy workload and minimal recognition, you are likely to experience burnout.
There are research questions that have yet to be answered on this topic, he added, such as to what extent do factors like workflow redesign, use and upkeep of electronic medical records, and chaotic workplaces affect burnout. Further, regulatory environments may play a role, and it is still not known whether reducing burnout among physicians will also reduce burnout among staff.
People in helping professions are at high risk for burnout and compassion fatigue.
According to the responses of OLBI, 228 (61.1%) students were having burnout while 153 (41%) students did not have appropriate social support, based on SSRC.
According to the study published in the journal -- Clinical Psychological Science -- this type of burnout can lead to harmful outcomes for both parent and child, increasing parental neglect, harm, and thoughts about escape.
Liselotte Dyrbye, M.D., from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and colleagues examined the correlation between burnout and racial biases toward black people among resident physicians.