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melt, break, or become otherwise unusable

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The post Icflix premieres first original Moroccan production Burnout appeared first on BroadcastPro ME.
Icflix's premiered its first original Moroccan production, Burnout, directed by Nour Eddine Lakhmari and co-produced by NEL Films,across theatres in Morocco on October 11, 2017.
7 It is a validated and reliable tool for assessing burnout among healthcare professionals and residents and has been used in many studies.
The vast majority of research on teacher burnout and attrition has focused on identifying the antecedents or sources of burnout, which include characteristics of the teacher, the organization, and the student (Austin, Shah, & Muncer, 2005; Friedman, 2000; Gersten, Keating, Yovanoff, & Harniss, 2001; Kaufhold, Alverez, & Arnold, 2006; Kyriacou, 2001; Littrell, Billingsley, & Cross, 1994).
Shirom (1989) defined burnout as a reaction of continuous emotional pressure and the result of the diminishing of employees' coping resources that occurs as a reaction to steady exposure to pressures in both private life and work.
The very people who have devoted their lives to keeping others healthy are at great risk of suffering from work-induced burnout," said James Madara, MD, executive vice president and CEO of the American Medical Association, in a NAM news release.
Burnout is defined as the "cumulative effect of stress in daily lives on our coping abilities.
There are a variety of ways to overcome burnout and promote our resiliency that starts with our ability to find joy in caring for children and our lifelong learning" through professional development sessions and academic journals, according to Dr.
So how do you go from burnout to joy or from joy to greater joy?
A coach who suffers from burnout may experience a reduced sense of accomplishment in their profession, physical and psychological exhaustion, devaluation of sport, and withdrawal from the activity.
Equipping individual physicians to better cope with burnout treatment and avoidance.
Nessa perspectiva, verifica-se que a sindrome de burnout decorre de uma cronificacao do estresse ocupacional, o qual tem consequencias negativas relacionadas as esferas individual, profissional, familiar, social e institucional, perdendo o trabalhador, a capacidade de se (re)adaptar as demandas existentes no contexto laboral (Tavares, Souza, Silva & Kestenberg, 2014).
The business end of physician burnout includes the costs associated with physician turnover and decreased productivity, as well as "financial risks to the organization's long-term viability due to the relationship between burnout and lower quality of care, decreased patient satisfaction, and problems with patient safety," the researchers said.
Organizations can combat physician burnout, the authors noted, and the effort is financially worthwhile, as well as morally and ethically important.
Objective: To determine the frequency of burnout among Pakistani military female nursing students and to find out its association with demographic factors and common stressors during training.