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a long hooded cloak woven of wool in one piece

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The grunge came out with those cropped burnous hoodies, one in a rich winter floral pattern and others in white and a Sherpa-textured navy.
and this fine black burnous which has made [him] feel invisible, here, since it first dropped over [his] shoulders (21).
Le manteau de spahi, le burnous noir lame d'or, la Chechia, la "parure" composee de trois miniatures ovales--un medaillonmddaillon, deux boucles d'oreilles--entourees d'une guirlande de petites pierres fines, le morceau de "veritable peau d'Espagne" indelebilement parfumee ...
Sur la chaussee, dans un espace assez large pour permettre une petite evolution, sept ou huit arabes en burnous caracolaient, lancaient leurs chevaux les uns sur les autres, tantot debout, tantot couches sur l'encolure de leur bete, poussant des cris, tirant des coups de fusil.
Clad in the burnous (a woolly overshawl) and the kafia, the Lawrence of Arabia type headcloth, we all looked the part.
They cannot lurk behind concrete bunkers, but must advertise themselves, as Lyautey did in Morocco mounted on his Arab charger wearing a purple burnous. But in effect it is too late.
It has an approximately 0.10-m-thick burnous surface layer with c.
--In Muslim societies, the person laying out covers the deceased's genitals with a piece of their burnous; this remnant of the garment is kept as a relic in which it is believed the virile strength and baraka of the dead father has taken refuge; carefully preserved in the family, it is placed on the daughters' heads on the night when their marriage is consummated in order to pass on to them the paternal baraka.
El Consejo de Estado ha sido siempre sumamente prudente y vigilante en esta materia, hasta el punto de que la tercera Republica acogio en el Parlamento a un diputado convertido al Islam que se presentaba vestido de <<albornoz>> (burnous) **.
The first protests by Muslim against being forced to wear specific clothing (aljuba and burnous) were raised by the community of Moura and date from the reign of King Pedro I (1357-1367).
The transformation often comes from the simple substitution of an Arabic word for a French one in a stereotypical or cliched expression, as in the following example: 'Lyon etait couvert d'un immense burnous de neige' (16) ('Lyon was covered in a huge coat of snow.') Begag uses the Arabic word, 'burnous', the long, hooded coat worn in the desert, instead of the French word manteau.
There's no snow but plenty of sand, camels instead of reindeer and Santa would be much more comfortable in a flowing Arab burnous rather than his fur-trimmed red suit.
b) Traditional clothing, such as burnous (long, woolen, hooded cloak; 27), saroual (baggy pants; 30; Vaste, 47, 203, 241),11 chechia (or fez, a conical hat; 62), haik (all-enveloping white Algerian veil; 174; a recurring word in Ombre), djellaba (hooded robe; 193; Vaste, 325), tchador (a Persian word for the all-enveloping black veil from Iran; Vaste, 325).
He would come either alone or with a boy attendant, wearing a burnous (a hooded cloak) and sandals, and carrying a long stick, with which he would draw a circle in the sand.