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a long hooded cloak woven of wool in one piece

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Chulk, a humorist in his way, stretched forth a long and hairy arm, and grasping the hood of Taglat's burnoose pulled it down over the latter's eyes, extinguishing him, snuffer-like, as it were.
Gathering the skirts of his burnoose, beneath one arm, that his legs might have free action, the ape-man took a short running start, and scrambled to the top of the barrier.
I caught only a glimpse of an Arab in a dark-blue burnoose and white turban," replied Tarzan.
Pierre Trudeau was deemed to be one of Canada's most narcissistic politicians, but in flaunting his charm and calling attention to himself with Arabian burnooses and pirouettes behind the Queen, he may have been a show-off rather than a narcissist.