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a long hooded cloak woven of wool in one piece

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Chulk, a humorist in his way, stretched forth a long and hairy arm, and grasping the hood of Taglat's burnoose pulled it down over the latter's eyes, extinguishing him, snuffer-like, as it were.
Gathering the skirts of his burnoose, beneath one arm, that his legs might have free action, the ape-man took a short running start, and scrambled to the top of the barrier.
After a credits sequence in which a comet streaks across the heavens, we join a bunch of Druids in burnooses mumbling and declaiming about the pesky Roman Empire.
Pierre Trudeau was deemed to be one of Canada's most narcissistic politicians, but in flaunting his charm and calling attention to himself with Arabian burnooses and pirouettes behind the Queen, he may have been a show-off rather than a narcissist.
Waves of horsemen, squadron after squadron, Their burnooses flapping in the wind Like birds with ruffled feathers.
And with them they brought their mountain lore and secret ways --pendulous bunches of macramed nettings, burnooses, potholders, halters; woodshaved figurines and manicured stempipes, sawed-off roadshow African deities or calumets awled and adzed with sacred Pawnee or Arapaho text; kiln-forged earrings and pendants, bracelets, necklaces, slender pearl drops or moon tears, origami cranes, gauze wisps of iridescent mayfly wings, ideograms and hexagrams, tusks and spires; turquoise inlayed in silver, latticed with the thick markings of Zuni or Hopi runes; leather bracelets and boots, thongs and windings, moccasins and huaraches; polished stones, smooth lapidary wonders of artificial luminescence, set-mounted crystals of prescient or regenerative faculty.