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Synonyms for burnished

made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing

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He undid the burnished belt, and beneath this the cuirass and the belt of mail which the bronze-smiths had made; then, when he had seen the wound, he wiped away the blood and applied some soothing drugs which Chiron had given to Aesculapius out of the good will he bore him.
A scarred and wrinkled precipice rises to a height of eighteen hundred feet; on a tiny bench half way up its vast wall, sits a little snowflake of a church, no bigger than a martin-box, apparently; skirting the base of the cliff are a hundred orange groves and gardens, flecked with glimpses of the white dwellings that are buried in them; in front, three or four gondolas lie idle upon the water--and in the burnished mirror of the lake, mountain, chapel, houses, groves and boats are counterfeited so brightly and so clearly that one scarce knows where the reality leaves off and the reflection begins!
Tik-tok moved by clockwork, and was made all of burnished copper.
The distant spruce groves were burnished bronze, and their long shadows barred the upland meadows.
There was no need for the Rainbow's Daughter to answer, for turning the bend in the road there came advancing slowly toward them a funny round man made of burnished copper, gleaming brightly in the sun.
He was only about as tall as Dorothy herself, and his body was round as a ball and made out of burnished copper.
Edges are hand-polished, painted and burnished. Lined with Nubuck leather and sewn with nylon thread, a stiffener is also added to the belt for rigidity.
Alternative plating, like hematite and burnished metals, adds an edgy and modern style to your look.
In particular, vibration burnished cylinder liners have shown a run-in wear rate 1.3 to 1.6 times lower than the honed ones, the run-in period being 2 to 3 times shorter.
They were inspected by the Brigadier, who said that the men looked very smart in their burnished helmets, but as no orders had been issued from Division regarding the burnishing of helmets they would have to be repainted.
Some coated surfaces are burnished on purpose to lower the coefficient of friction to improve slip.
New season collections are full of this warm tone, often in lighting where it gives off a burnished glow...