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It's this latter format that is most reflected in Burning the Midnight Oil -- essays, poems, and quotations are scattered threads woven into an elaborate tapestry.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 4 (ANI): The Defence Ministry is burning the midnight oil to ensure that the national war memorial project is completed by January 25.
I write when I can, usually burning the midnight oil."
He lost many friends by burning the midnight oil to scratch through old history that revealed that in her student days Salma had been a bit of a firebrand.
AFTER much haggling and a night of burning the midnight oil, politicians finally revealed yesterday how they plan to move the country out of its slump.
Press officer George Jones said: "The Engineering Department is currently burning the midnight oil to ensure that the popular Foxcote Manor is complete and in action during this gala occasion."
l Every student should set up a model question paper of his own and should be able to answer them at the outset as this is the best practice instead of burning the midnight oil.
"Our research shows a large proportion of small business owners in Liverpool are burning the midnight oil once the office has closed and the kids have gone to bed to make sure they keep on top of things.
WALSALL striker Hector Sam has promised boss Richard Money he will not be burning the midnight oil watching cricket's World Cup.
RANGERS manager Alex McLeish has been burning the midnight oil watching tapes of Tuesday's Champion League opponents Porto in action.
The study also revealed more than a third of business owners are burning the midnight oil at least three to four times a week, with entrepreneurs in the North West, Yorkshire and Humberside working the latest into the evening.
MARTIN JOL has been burning the midnight oil trying to plot Tottenham's escape route from potential disaster.
A fter burning the midnight oil to create a prototype vehicle in just six months, a specialist vehicle builder has won a substantial order from the New Zealand military that is set to create 30 new manufacturing jobs at its Walsall base.
And to ensure no-one misses the boat The Queen's Award officials will be burning the midnight oil to be on hand to receive even the latest of last minute applications.
Naturally, my first thought was, "will the Newmarket meeting survive?" Instead of writing an essay on the Tudors, I had been burning the midnight oil debating whether King Henry's Reprimand could beat Warning in the Dewhurst - and the entire student grant was going on.
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