burning bush

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(Old Testament) the bush that burned without being consumed and from which God spoke to Moses

deciduous shrub having purple capsules enclosing scarlet seeds

Eurasian perennial herb with white flowers that emit flammable vapor in hot weather

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For more information on the church and its events, contact the Burning Bush Church, 28030 N.
The motto "Fanning the FLAMES" and the rejuvenated image of the burning bush quickly followed the development of the FLAMES acronym.
You see, what God says to Moses at the burning bush after "And I mean to deliver them" is this: "So I am sending you to pharaoh to say, 'Let my people go.
When did the Presbyterian Church first use the burning bush as its emblem?
The Burning Bush ranks among the more eclectic performers of this year's excellent Warwick and Leamington Festival.
I associate visions with Old Testament prophets, like Moses who saw God in a burning bush.
The three miracle sequences alone (the Burning Bush, the Plagues/Angel of Death and the parting of the Red Sea) are well worth the admission price.
When I entered the burning bush, you told me that where I stand is holy ground.
The 25metre figure - made of old chairs and tyres - was torched to echo the biblical story of the burning bush.
In turn, scripture has inspired countless waves of Christians and Jews to pick up their staffs or carry-on luggage and set out for the land of the burning bush, the golden calf, and the empty cave.
The result is that, in some ways, ``The Prince of Egypt curiously lacks a religious edge while retaining all the supernatural events - the burning bush, fire raining from the sky, locusts descending in clouds, the killing of the Egyptian first-born and the spectacular parting of the Red Sea.
For example, CeCe Winans sings "The River," a plea from Moses' mother to keep her son safe as she sets him in the river, and Donnie McClurkin's "I Am" has God speaking to Moses from the burning bush.
The 25m figure - made of chairs and tyres - was torched to echo the biblical story of the burning bush.
As you finally turn away, forgetting the errand that brought you to this place, you can sense the warmth of the burning bush at your back.
For Katzenberg, who made his name in Hollywood with such Disney animated movies as ``The Lion King'' and ``Beauty and the Beast,'' that meant no toy action figures, no Burning Bush night lights and, more significantly, no fast-food tie-ins.