burning bush

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(Old Testament) the bush that burned without being consumed and from which God spoke to Moses

deciduous shrub having purple capsules enclosing scarlet seeds

Eurasian perennial herb with white flowers that emit flammable vapor in hot weather

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While many invasive species are unfamiliar to most of us, others (like the aforementioned burning bush and Japanese barberry) are well-known popular cultivated species.
Also, Moses while on his way to the site of the Burning Bush was submerged in mud after a rockslide and was muddy all over when God appeared to Moses in the form of a boy.
The Knight Family's comeback album, Burning Bush Moments was released in May of 2014 with the title track being released to radio stations nationally.
Burning Bush focuses on the personal sacrifice of Prague history student Jan Palach who in September 1969 set himself on fire in protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia (the so-called "Prague Spring").
It reminded me of Moses at the burning bush hearing, "Remove your sandals because you're standing on holy ground.
They have suppressed the fire and are busy in extinguishing burning bush and dried leaves," Director General Environment Sheikh Suleman told.
Gods and Kings", as the project is presently titled, will cover the entire breadth of Moses' existence, from birth to death, including the Jewish emancipation from Egypt, the Burning Bush, and receiving the Ten Commandments.
To ignore the British Spring is to ignore the burning bush on the edge of racing's forest.
I said, you may not see that burning bush, but there are people seeing that burning bush for you.
Perhaps the words of Maximus the Confessor, a Christian elder of the seventh century, describe the elders' concern in the very best way: the entire world is a burning bush of God's energies.
It means "yet it was not consumed" - a reference to the biblical story of the burning bush.
Bouman describes the story of Moses and the burning bush as an example of "biography meeting vocation.
Washington, May 21 (ANI): New genetic discoveries from a shrub called the burning bush, known for its brilliant red fall foliage, could pave the way for new advances in biofuels and low-calorie food oils, found Michigan State University scientists.
Paul's burning bush experience happened on the Damascus road, and the passionate faith in Jesus that took root in him that day is palpable in all his writings; today's second reading is no exception.
The "resource key" is emblazoned with the church's burning bush logo and is compatible with most operating systems.