burning at the stake

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Shouldn't you have said that Williams witnessed people burning at the stake? Pronouns can render women invisible in history.
And Dr Greek (in Sacred Cows and Golden Geese) says: "The abandonment of animal research is absolutely vital for medicine to advance." And Prof H Bigelaw MD LLD: "There will come a time when the world will look back on vivisection in the name of science as they do now to burning at the stake in the name of religion." For three of my suffering relatives, I hope this and other similar buildings are abandoned.
"We wanted to create an impression of what a witch would smell like when burning at the stake. But people said it was getting in the backs of their throats, making their eyes water and making them feel sick.
The journey Allen (English, Hiwassee College, Tennessee) traces begins in Athens and Greek generally during its greatest cultural achievements, when male homosexuality was honored; and proceeds to the end of the Roman period, when lawmakers and religious leaders spoke about homosexuality in terms that would be current today, and punished it with burning at the stake. He asks how it happened.
At the end of the story, in 1456, many years after Jehanne's burning at the stake for heresy, Mariane and her family come to celebrate the exoneration of Jehanne (and the beginning of her path to eventual canonization in 1920).