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an apparatus for burning fuel (or refuse)

the heating elements of a stove or range on which pots and pans are placed for cooking

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Swindon based combustion equipment manufacturer, G P BURNERS reports it has launched its FACILE range of fully automatic burners.
Natural gas experts warn that gas burners used in kitchens are inefficient.
In conventional hydrogen burners, hydrogen reacts rapidly with oxygen, leading to a high flame temperature and environmentally hazardous NOx emissions.
He brought in two burners which will be used for demonstrations to affirm applicability for government and private sector projects.
In 2017, Siemens began printing gas turbine burners using selective laser melting technology and they were the first burners produced by Siemens' intelligent burner manufacturing (IBUMA) program in FinspENng, Sweden.
Gas burners can rust and clog, while electric range coils and stovetops scratch and accumulate grime.
The dual burners provide two induction burners and one radiant burner.
This goes to show that the local burners are consuming more gas to give out the same heat.
The water in the pots heats up very quickly now because the burners are large and close.
Burners should be cleaned regularly as well to ensure fuel efficiency by using less gas on a lower flame.
She triggered the bathroom fire at an address in Fieldhouse Road, Yardley, after watching a video on using fabric softeners in oil burners to bring out the aroma.
INTEGRA'S FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burner ensures safety by eliminating the risk of gas leaking and explosion inherent in using alcohol burners, gas cookers and traditional Bunsen burners.
HAVING just read the most recent letter by Anonymous on the subject of wood burners, I am left totally bemused by his comments.
The role of the Lanemark burners in meeting this essential requirement is fundamental and, indeed, has now become a standard part of our system design."