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an apparatus for burning fuel (or refuse)

the heating elements of a stove or range on which pots and pans are placed for cooking

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Control of fuel transfer pumps and gas burner ramp;
Multi-burner applications - control of up to 16 burners with one control unit
Sometimes the cleaning crew does too well of a job and the burner might be too clean.
The things he talks about generally take place in better weather when I would have no need to light my wood burner.
Additionally, the Buddy Burner saves considerable time for its users when engaged in camping and other outdoor activities.
he swirl gas burner developed by the LCRI's LSPG project
Contractors installed new gas and air lines, a new burner assembly and new drainage lines below the flame.
A BIO-ethanol burner exploded while being refuelled, showering a Lichfield man in burning oil.
NEW YORK, May 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Aterian Investment Partners ("Aterian"), a leading private equity firm, announces that one of its affiliates has acquired the global operations of Burner Systems International, Inc.
New burner management technology is increasing the efficiency and safety of oil and gas processing and giving greater protection to both workers and the surrounding environment.
Based on Fulton's existing on/off burner, the new modulating burner uses a linkageless burner management system to operate two modulating actuators.
By Khalid Al-Zaid (with photos) KUWAIT, Sept 6 (KUNA) -- No house in Kuwait goes without an incense burner that is used to scent clothes and homes, while in Ramadan and other festive occasions, the scent of burning incense welcomes visitors from the very doorsteps of the house.
uk This black and stainless steel bbq has two gas burners and a side burner, temperature gauge and electronic ignition.
Wiriyaumpaiwong, Pramanapo, Sonpeng & Jamradloedluk (2008) reported the low yield in production of low volatile content charcoal using forced air flow burner.