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capable of burning

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The Lahore Compost started production of compost fertilizers besides obtaining energy from the burnable solid waste.
Using modern technology, these companies segregate the waste into two major components burnable and organic.
This process creates essentially carbon neutral energy via "burning" carbon-based refuse (like coffee grounds, corn husks, or nut shells) in a low oxygen environment to produce gases burnable in an engine.
Acutely aware that I've never done such a thing at a multiplex, I roam the lobby of the theater with him, looking for burnable scrap.
Careless as in discarding cigarettes without extinguishing them completely first; careless as in preparing a barbeque away from controlled and supervised sites and "forgetting" to make certain that there are no flammable leftovers, including supposedly no longer burnable charcoal, which might do the exact opposite after one hour or so of unnoticed smoldering long after you moved on.
On the other hand, burnable component will be used in industrial units.
TheBOX Burnable Charcoal Chimney wins top honors for environmental packaging because it is made from recycled cardboard with soy inks and without adhesives.
Eight burnable rooms are scattered throughout the structure.
Pelletier said he has told the Board of Health that he is against using that parcel as a landfill, although he said he would be willing to give the company a site assignment there "for other solid waste operations'' such as a transfer station, waste-to-gas conversion, or to "pelletize'' the garbage for conversion to burnable pellets for wood stoves.
Taipower divides the radioactive waste produced by nuclear power plants into burnable and unburnable types, of which 100,000 barrels of unburnable waste is stored on the outlying island of Orchid Island, he said.
The byproducts can be processed further to yield burnable gas and usable substances such as potassium and nitrogen, which, along with the cleaned water, can be recycled to grow more algae.
And the waste water is processed further, yielding burnable gas and substances like potassium and nitrogen, which, along with the cleansed water, can also be recycled to grow more algae.
These included the early development of the burnable poison concept for nuclear submarines (George worked on Admiral Rickover's project at General Electric early in his career), demonstration of the first diode electron beam pumped lasers (George worked on these at Cornell University with Norman Rostoker in the early 1970s), the exploration of various advanced laser concepts (George worked on many concepts, such as nuclear-pumped and X-ray lasers with his students and others at the University of Illinois).
Peat is a fragile ecosystem, an extraordinary preserver of fossils and archeological artifacts, a burnable fuel source, and the kind of marshy environment developers love to drain for farms and buildings.
It can also be concluded that stronger the heterogeneity, more is the requirement of local homogenization, as in case of control rods or burnable absorber pins in PWR assemblies.