burn plant

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very short-stemmed plant with thick leaves with soothing mucilaginous juice


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Mr McDowell told how plans to build a mass burn plant at Ringsend, Co Dublin, had collapsed.
On his way home from work, Oleson dropped by the burn plant and watched as the documents were loaded onto a platform, dropped into the incinerator, and burned into ash - all at a cost of about $20.
With the soil as dry as it is, feeding with a chemical fertilizer can burn plant roots.
However, exposure to bright sun can burn plant foliage.
"Plants absorbs carbon and stock it, so when we burn plants it emits the stock of carbon, so it is not just not doing its job in absorbing carbon, but also it turned to an emitter and source of carbon, increasing the impacts of climate change" Zedan said.
It returns valuable nutrients to help maintain its quality and fertility, plus it's a mild, slow-release, natural fertiliser that won't burn plants like chemical ones.