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clear land of its vegetation by burning it off

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A spokesman for Saudia confirmed there was a problem with the flaps and it was flying to burn off fuel before landing.
Exercise Equivalent (Cost to Burn Off the Calories): Mowing the lawn (walking with a power mower) for 59.
The crew of the Boeing 767-200 turned towards the coast where it entered a holding pattern to burn off excess fuel.
American researchers reported in March 2007 that Iran was burning off 10 percent of its natural gas output while Saudi Arabia did not even burn off 1 percent.
You can burn off the calories Saturday at the city of Eugene's "Turkey Burn" water fitness classes, from 9:30 a.
They kept the aircraft circling for more than two hours over the airport to burn off the fuel while preparations were being made for an emergency landing, the source said.
It's a busy, full-on indoor tournament - and a great reason to get out of the house and burn off some calories.
AN American Airlines flight with a mechanical problem was spotted circling the skies of South Wales yesterday as it tried to burn off fuel for a landing attempt.
WITH the Easter weekend now coming to an end, I'm focusing on how to burn off all those additional calories.
Mazda added that its new technologies enable the engine to cut the amount of fuel required to burn off soot, improving fuel economy and resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions and cleaner exhaust gases.
Many people in the metal finishing industry use burn off or pyrolysis ovens and/or chemical tanks.
If you just do walking, to burn off that many calories, you would need to walk 28 miles a week.
Intense forest fires burn off topsoil, lofting its mercury contents into the atmosphere, where the metal drifts long distances (SN: 8/26/06, p.
Next, they used a chart, a treadmill, and their mathematics skills to figure out how much exercise it would take for a 125-pound person to burn off such a lunch.