burn bag

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a bag into which secret documents are placed before being burned

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An MoD spokesman said: "There was a security breach when a 'burn bag' which should have been locked away was left uncovered.
The embargo affects the population, too many things are politicized these days," Margerie noted.Late in June, Managing-Director of Germany-Iran Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industries Burn Bag said in a meeting with Iranian businessmen in the northwestern city of Tabriz said that sanctions against Iran will have no result but inflicting damage on the European companies, and described boycotts against Tehran as "useless".
Several people regularly burn bags of rubbish from their overflowing household waste bins.
While shredding is arguably the safest means of disposal, the use of burn bags remains a viable option.
The religious books and other materials were put in burn bags and were taken to a fire pit used to burn rubbish, the report said.