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Synonyms for burl

the wood cut from a tree burl or outgrowth

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a large rounded outgrowth on the trunk or branch of a tree

soft lump or unevenness in a yarn


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remove the burls from cloth

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Wendell Wood of the conservation group Oregon Wild said he was out hiking recently and found two redwood trees with burls cut off.
Redwood burl poaching has spread to national forests in Oregon and Northern California.
Burls are prized by woodworkers, who value these relatively rare formations for their eccentric and beautiful grain, so it seems surprising, if not perverse, for Bamburg to have used them as little more than building blocks.
For French Pollard Head and Cow Hide: Book-Matched, Framed, Bamburg ran his iPhone over the surface of burls, taking photos every few inches, and assembled these into a single composite image in which the constituent photos do not seamlessly align.
Arvizu said the company also has been experimenting with flooring made of parquet tile pieces cut from redwood burls.
Vavona burl, vavona burr, redwood burl, redwood, coast redwood, sequoia, California redwood
Dr Burls told The Birmingham Post that her friend was determined to oppose the deportation to highlight the conditions at Nablus.
The last Leger winner for Harvey was 4-7 favourite Clonalvy Pride in 1961 while Bob Burls bowed out with Crefogue Dancer in 1969.
His company deals mainly with the hard-to-find veneers, including amboyna burl and thuya burl.
Mappa bud's heartwood is generally a pale-to-medium-colored brown and the burls are little spots of reddish brown and black.
While burls can occur with all species, redwood trees seem to have a higher occurrence of burls than other species.
Narra, red narra, yellow narra, angsena, angsana, sena, amboyna, amboyna burl or burr (these name denotes highly figured veneers cut from burls), Papua New Guinea rosewood, Philippine or Solomons padauk.
Mappa burl is not as intense a figure as some other burls.
Whoever first sliced a burl to discover the wondrous wood contained inside could easily have been the first to coin the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover.
With burrs and burls, an injury or irritation can cause stunted growth, which causes the tree to develop a contorted, gnarled mass of dense woody tissue.
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