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Synonyms for burly

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Synonyms for burly

characterized by marked muscular development; powerfully built

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Synonyms for burly

muscular and heavily built

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An abundance of legroom is provided for all, and the generous width of the truck - roughly 2m from door to door - means that even the burliest of workers won't have to squeeze together.
It conforms fully to Ravenswood 'No Wimpy Wines' motto with 14.5 per cent alcohol and a big taste that would sit well in the glass of the burliest of Grid Iron linebackers.
Husky makes the burliest liners around without sissy carpet, perfect for mud and blood resistance, and reasonably priced.
Visually, Lucas Meachem made the burliest, scruffiest Mercutio I can recall, but he sang the role admirably, and another baritone, Dwayne Croft, was a stylish, resonant Capulet.
The driver tried to reverse but I blocked her off." "It could have been the burliest man in Crawcrook, but I was determined to stop them." Wilson, who admitted driving with 134mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath was ordered to pay pounds 50 costs.
But a breakthrough came and, for me, the best moment was when the biggest, burliest one of the lot of them came up to me in the break and said, half-whispering: "You know, I never realised before that diversity was about everyone, and that includes me."