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(of wood) have a pattern from the grain of a tree burl

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Available in seven speaker finishes including lacquered, real-wood Burled Walnut, Audiobyte is a premium system that rivals the fidelity of high quality home theater packages.
To match any decorating scheme, the two ultra-compact units can be ordered in any of seven finishes: silver, charcoal, black or white matte-finish synthetic; high-gloss synthetic Cherry or Burled Walnut; or hand finished, real-wood Burled Walnut, encased in 12 coats of lacquer for long-lasting beauty.
Axiom Audio's Audiobyte system is priced at $349 for two bookshelf speakers in standard synthetic finish; $399 in high-gloss synthetic; and $559 for the lacquered, real-wood Burled Walnut version.
Easy to work with art tools, but slow feeds are recommended for power tools and especially sharp surfaces are needed to overcome the burled surface irregularities.
The Centurion, a favorite charter yacht among technology billionaires, is the ultimate convergence of luxury and adventure gear: 125 feet of burled madrona and cherry woods .