burlap bag

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a bag made of burlap

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It was a scary experience, and I hope to never have to deal with another situation like that, but I am now going to buy some burlap bags from Lehman's and be prepared!
The workers occupied the Greif burlap bag factory after managers failed to meet their demands over improving the conditions in their new contracts.
Slung over one shoulder was a burlap bag 'containing a dozen paper-mache mallard decoys rigged with old spark plugs for weights.
"Salateen said he wrapped the victim in a burlap bag, carried her on his donkey to the woods surrounding the monastery and tried to dump her down a steep valley," said the source.
And in the back of her truck she also carried a burlap bag for the older children.
They store best for up to two months in a paper or burlap bag in a dry dark place if not exposed to sunlight or onions.
Try the edible greens planter, made from salvaged wine crates and complete with a burlap bag filled with organic soil and fertilizer and all the seeds you need to grow your own salad.
He unhitched a heavy milk keg hanging inside a burlap bag from a second pulley.
In my case it's called "those stained, ripping cardboard boxes of junk decorated with oily rags." Is yours known as "the stinky burlap bag full a crap that leaks all over the basement floor"?
People have seen him walking in the neighbourhood late at night, carrying an old burlap bag and a spade.
So one day we pushed the canoe laden with our bows and a burlap bag full of decoys through the cattails with great ambition and soaring spirits.
To mimic a hunt and the ensuing kill, zookeepers might stuff a burlap bag full of hay and tasty treats like meatballs so the lions can wrestle with the bag and shred its contents to bits.
Use a burlap bag, which allows air to circulate around the hide.
Kuribayashi orders a soldier, Saigo (Kazunari Ninomiya), a former baker whose life he has saved, to burn all the letters, including his own, but the latter puts them in a burlap bag and buries it.
The actor appears in a scene where three CIA agents strip him, put a burlap bag over his head and douse his naked body with freezing water.