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coarse jute fabric


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If the root ball appears to be loose, remove the wire basket and burlap after the tree is positioned in the planting hole.
+ One 10-yard package of 2"-wide burlap ribbon (bow)
Orangutans are given burlap bags to wrap themselves in and the chimpanzees enjoy drinking hot ginger tea to warm up.
The colored priming of the burlap causes the checks to shimmer, and the paint's hues cause the grids to dance, making them flexible: The works are imbued with a sense of animation that calls to mind the artist's own physical and mental activity.
A powder-coated steel frame offers durable stability in the field, while a removable, black-backed, water-resistant fabric and burlap cover conceals you from the elements and the eyes of wary game.
Growing landless plants using burlap sacks has become an urban gardener's paradise.
The facility would have capacity to pack 50 tons of tobacco in cartons, instead of burlap sacks per day.
The label papers feature new colors as well as the "classic European texture" Martele finish and the "home-grown rustic texture" burlap finishes.
New finishes include Martele, a classic European texture available in Estate Label 60T White and new Titanium White, and Burlap, a home grown rustic texture designed for craft beverages, available in Bella Label 55T White and Natural.
"I remember distinctly the magic of having these traders come to our house with burlap bags and strange smells.
She carried a silver pail adorned with burlap and starfish, a creation of the bride.
A toy horse, its head abusively bound in burlap, has glanced at us but now avoids our eye as if fearing more punishment.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish riot police have detained 91 workers who occupied a factory after going on strike on Thursday due to a disagreement over the terms of their contract renewals at a burlap bag plant in ystanbul.
"About 50 facilities including burlap houses, livestock barns and primitive baking ovens were demolished in the military raid," the press release added, stressing that such action is a new addition to the long series of the Israeli violations in the region.
When you're ready to plant, remove the tree from its pot or loosen (but don't remove) the burlap bag.