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a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan


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Mr Hollobone is trying to bring in a Private Member's Bill to ban women wearing Burkhas or Niqabs in public, after the French introduced a similar rule.
I WELCOME France's decision to ban the burkha and believe Britain should follow suit.
CONTROVERSIAL: encouraged burkhas. "Our security numbers meet nationally recognised standards and it would be irresponsible to open galleries with lower than adequate staffing levels.
Hollobone further said that wearing burkhas goes against the British way of life.
This time, though, it's not about women in burkhas or men in turbans but a 54-year-old nurse suing a Devon hospital because she was asked to wear her cross inside a lapel or pocket.
Is it because the story follows a recent announcement by French President Nicholas Sarkozy that burkhas should be banned in France because they make women prisoners?
Two sergeants and a community support officer dressed in head-to-foot burkhas and other traditional clothing and went out shopping.
This despite the fact that a cursory review of Sweden's emancipated social mores would confirm that the nation's women are in no peril of being compelled to swaddle themselves in burkhas.
Under an overcast spring sky, two women in turquoise burkhas held a long banner adorned with gruesome photographs--women begging in a marketplace; a child with amputated legs tied off like balloons; a grinning boy with a string of severed hands slung over his shoulder.
The men are wearing dresses and even silk lingerie beneath their burkhas. Most have shaved off their beards and moustaches - and many have put on make-up.
She says men in Islamic clothing and women in burkhas refused to help.
By VINCENT MOSS LEGAL action is being threatened against Tory MP Philip Hollobone for saying he would refuse to see women in burkhas.
"For them the burkha confers dignity." France has voted to outlaw the wearing of burkhas in public, saying they degrade women.