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a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan


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The municipal corporation is run by the Shiv Sena and the municipal authorities have come up with an ideal solution: women guards to check women in burkhas and ask them to show their face if they suspect any foul play.
Mr Hollobone is trying to bring in a Private Member's Bill to ban women wearing Burkhas or Niqabs in public, after the French introduced a similar rule.
CONTROVERSIAL: Visitors were encouraged to wear burkhas.
Hollobone further said that wearing burkhas goes against the British way of life.
Two sergeants and a community support officer dressed in head-to-foot burkhas and other traditional clothing and went out shopping.
Aunt Runu and Aunt Jhunu left home with their burkhas stuffed into a bag.
But mostly we still construe Afghan women as victims, passive and silent under their burkhas.
The men are wearing dresses and even silk lingerie beneath their burkhas.
By VINCENT MOSS LEGAL action is being threatened against Tory MP Philip Hollobone for saying he would refuse to see women in burkhas.
In a poll for the Daily Express last year, 98 per cent of voters said Britain should ban burkhas.
ROBBERS disguised in burkhas were being hunted by detectives today.
What we are seeing now is the unravelling of a system that thrived in the shadows" Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg on the expenses scandal "These days people flock to the grandstands and the racing greens to wear tacky commercial over-priced rags, and I'm mainly speaking of women when I talk in this manner" Racing pundit John McCririck on dress standards at race meetings "God created women to look like women; he didn't create them to look like parrot cages with a nightshade chucked over it" Writer and commentator Julie Burchill on burkhas ".
Today we hear discussions on whether people arriving in this country should make more effort to learn English, whether they should mix more, and whether Muslim women should wear burkhas.
This despite the fact that a cursory review of Sweden's emancipated social mores would confirm that the nation's women are in no peril of being compelled to swaddle themselves in burkhas.
She says men in Islamic clothing and women in burkhas refused to help.