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A successful helmsman in the Flying Dutchman and 505 classes, Burke was 22 when he set up his own sailmaking business in the early 1970s.
Meanwhile, as Burke travelled to regattas overseas, he saw gear that was not available in Australia, things like comfortable dinghy trapeze harnesses.
BIAS Boating Warehouse and Whitworths--run by Burke's former boss Craig Whitworth--were among the first retailers to order Burke gear but over time the company built up national distribution and its products are now sold through hundreds of shops all over Australia.
Personal floatation devices (PFDs) generally used in Australia in the 1970s were a bit bulky and awkward and Burke decided to produce some designs which were more comfortable to wear when sailing.
During a wet and miserable Sydney Hobart Race aboard Graeme Lambert's Too Impetuous, Burke began visualising another a new line of products.
However, as Burke himself would remind us, this simple narrative is not sufficient; "it's more complicated than that.
Stephen By grave's Kenneth Burke: Rhetoric and Ideology, the earliest text considered here, explicitly abjures the introduction of Burke as a whole, leaving such work to others.
First, according to Bygrave, Burke recasts rhetorical theory by directing our attention to the workings of strategy (e.
Wess reads Burke as a "rhetorical realist," offering a middle ground between the epistemological certainty of the Enlightenment and the paralyzing relativism of postmodernism.
Opening with this question, White offers, if not a definitive yes, a strongly argued case for the rewards of rethinking Burke free of the ideological antinomies that structured cold-war political debate.
Notwithstanding the dominant image of Burke as the irrepressible spokesman of tradition and the Old Regime, Burkean interpretation, as White shows, has been fraught by contradictory accounts of the "real Burke.
Culminating in the French Revolution, the sheer force of political modernity, says White, was evident to Burke as early as 1780 in the form of the Gordon Riots.
Central to White's thoughtful rereading of Burke is a fascinating account of Burke's 1757 essay on aesthetics, Enquiry into the Origins of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful.
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