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CEO Aaron Burkes said the airport has recently sent out RFPs--request for proposals--for a new website that will be paired with a new, more aggressive marketing strategy.
Burkes said the current website was designed by Sharp Hue but is seven years old.
"We are going to make it more mobile friendly, obviously, and much more updated," Burkes said.
About eight year ago, the Burkes made another important decision, to pull out of sailmaking.
Like many young sailors, Martin Burke sought a career in sailmaking as a way to pursue his sport through work.
A successful helmsman in the Flying Dutchman and 505 classes, Burke was 22 when he set up his own sailmaking business in the early 1970s.
HUGE BLOW: Ray Burke; TOUGH STANCE: Judge Mahon slammed Burke; CASH IN THE ATTIC?; Ray Burkes deserted home in Whitehall, Dublin, yesterday
DISGRACED Ray Burke faces bankruptcy after a corruption tribunal ruled he must pay a legal bill of more than EUR10million.
Judge Alan Mahon yesterday turned down Burke's application to have the state pay his legal costs.
One example of how this choice may limit our understanding of the politics of Burkean rhetoric is White's interesting account of Burke's response to a 1789 letter written by Madame Parisot, a prominent Frenchwoman with whose family the Burkes were well acquainted.
Edmund Burke. The name seems strangely out of place in our "post-cold war" times.
In the wake of Kenneth Burke's death in 1993, a branch of rhetorical scholarship shifted its focus, away from the Burkean system to consideration of Burke himself.
However, as Burke himself would remind us, this simple narrative is not sufficient; "it's more complicated than that." The decade since Burke's passing has witnessed another trend: scholarship that promotes the relevance of Burke's texts for the study of contemporary rhetoric and social change.