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a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan


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These women should at least be asked to remove their burkas particularly when entering a building such as a bank.
A MOTORBIKE rider complained he had to take off his helmet at a garage while a woman in a burka filled up her car beside him.
THE burka is a head covering worn by some Muslim women that covers the full body and face, with a mesh screen that covers the eyes.
Of all the topics you could have written about as MP for Uxbridge, you settled on the burka - an item of clothing worn by around 0.01 per cent of UK Muslims and 0.001 per cent of the public.
There are a number of veils Muslim women wear, as per their cultural norm, three of them being most in vogue 6 the hijab, a headscarf which covers the hair; the burka, which covers the entire face, with a mesh over the eyes to see out of; and the niqab, which covers the face with just the eyes visible through a slit.
That apart, I do think burkas should be banned, as Denmark has done.
However, sources close to him have made clear that he stood by the article in which he argued against a burka ban of the kind adopted by some European countries.
I am no fan of the burka but Muslim women should be free to wear what they like.
His comments, in response to Denmark's introduction of ban on burkas in public places, sparked an angry response from Muslim organisations and MPs, who accused him of stoking Islamophobia for political gain.
Some even say that Jan Achakzai did not clarify whether JUI-F had no objection to girls wearing jeans under the shuttle-cock burka or the two-piece black burka or to even girls wearing jeans and roaming around in public without any kind of burka.
Aloysius College have been asked to stop wearing burkas and headscarves.
He and his 'Top Gear' co-stars have been slammed after dressing up in burkas on the Boxing Day special.
Summary: A Tory MP has been warned he could face legal action if he follows through on a threat to refuse to meet constituents wearing Burkas.
women wearing burkas. Over the weekend he said, "This is Britain.
A TORY MP called today for ministers to consider banning the wearing of burkas, branding it "offensive" and "against the British way of life".