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a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan


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He also said that this was the first time some people, disguised in burkas, robbed a store in Toronto.
At the earlier raid in Windsor the gang, again dressed in burkas, stole watches worth PS175,000 and caused PS41,000 damage.
Some even say that Jan Achakzai did not clarify whether JUI-F had no objection to girls wearing jeans under the shuttle-cock burka or the two-piece black burka or to even girls wearing jeans and roaming around in public without any kind of burka.
The journalist had been distributing posters in the area around the mosque where Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed dodged the long arm of the law by donning a burka, offering a reward for the 27-yearold Somali-born Briton's arrest.
Mr Hollobone added: "And can I say to you, that is not an issue about telling women what to wear - a) because we now know men wear burkas as well as women and b) the issue is about allowing someone to conceal their identity and such a law must cover both balaclavas and burkas together.
Meet Burka Avenger: a mild-mannered teacher with secret martial arts skills who uses a flowing black burka to hide her identity as she fights local thugs seeking to shut down the girls' school where she works.
Aloysius College have been asked to stop wearing burkas and headscarves.
If that happens with the burka ban, I will not shed a tear," she told the Volkskrant newspaper in an interview published today.
The pair pretended that they had a complaint to make when they initially entered the station before removing their burkas and launching an assault.
France has introduced a ban on both the burka and niqab, those face-obscuring garments worn by conservative Muslim women.
FRENCH cops will today start arresting women who wear burkas in public.
Summary: A Tory MP has been warned he could face legal action if he follows through on a threat to refuse to meet constituents wearing Burkas.
MUSLIM women should be banned from wearing burkas in public - for the same reason as hoodies are banned from pubs and clubs.
BURKAS should be banned from British streets to prevent crime, according to a West Midlands MEP.
BANNING the wearing of burkas in public would be "rather un-British", the Immigration Minister said yesterday as he attacked a bid from within his party to make it illegal in this country.