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a chisel of tempered steel with a sharp point

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Soldiers and border police arrived to Burin today and according to residents threw tear gas and stun grenades at youths who gathered after noticing 2 Israelis approaching from the direction of Givat Ronen.
De acuerdo con Mabel Burin, una de las heridas narcisisticas que ha sufrido la masculinidad hegemonica, se debe, paradojicamente, al sistema capitalista empujado a su extremo "La puesta en crisis del rol de genero masculino como proveedor economico se ha producido, por el nivel critico alcanzado con los modos de empleo y trabajo tradicionales, y por otra por las profundas transformaciones en la clasica familia nuclear".
Despite the fact that the volume, including the index, stops on page 245, Eric Burin and Abraham Lincoln are listed as appearing on pages 290 and 294, respectively.
9%--and 1 burin on a lateral truncation --meagre numbers to be assigned to a classic Badegoulian industry--.
Quelques heures auparavant, plusieurs centaines de Palestiniens avaient dresse un camp de toile a proximite de Burin, constitue de quatre huttes et trois tentes et baptise "Al-Manatir" (Poste de Garde), suivant une nouvelle tactique de protestation non-violente contre la colonisation israelienne.
As fans, coaches and players cheered and yelled from the sidelines, a Burin teenager scored a goal in the first ten seconds, setting the tone for the rest of the match.
In a separate development, the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court has remanded until June 12 the arrest of a Jewish occupier accused of murdering a Palestinian youth from the West Bank village of Iraq Burin in January.
A Palestinian man extinguishes fire Palestinians say was started by Jewish colonists, in a field on the outskirts of the West Bank village of Burin, near Nablus yesterday.
The Israeli occupation injures 12 Palestinians, arrests 18 others and announces Iraq Burin village a closed military zone.
Experts suggested before it was cancelled the much-anticipated contract would have changed the economy of the Burin Peninsula, and the entire province,
When the troops moved in to disperse the settlers from the checkpoint, they regrouped at the nearby village of Burin - the scene of several previous settler attacks - where they clashed with Palestinian villagers.
Summary: Nablus, July 26, 2010, SPA -- Israeli extremist settlers attacked the village of Burin, south of Nablus in the West Bank, setting fire to olive groves surrounding the village, and fire engines rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire.
Two Palestinians were injured when the settles attacked Burin village
In the first incident, two teenagers were shot dead in the village of Iraq Burin on March 20 as troops moved in to protect Jewish settlers from Palestinians protesting against Israeli settlement policy.
CDATA[ A resident of the Samaria Jewish community of Yitzhar escaped a mob attack Thursday afternoon near the Arab village of Burin.