burial vault

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a burial chamber (usually underground)

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In instances of traditional earth burial, cemeteries usually require that the casket be placed in an outer burial enclosure, also known as a grave liner or burial vault. These items usually are purchased from the funeral home, and can be chosen through the use of display models illustrating the differences among those offered.
He would soon join the Wilbert[R] Manufacturers Association, and become the first burial vault manufacturer in the state.
With a casket burial, one also incurs cemetery fees, including the plot, burial vault, the opening and closing of the grave, and a headstone/ marker.
"We knew there had to be a dwelling not too far from the burial vault."
Because water had got into a cracked burial vault and damaged the original coffin, Baumgardner swapped it with Oswald's family for a new one.
Twelve mummified corpses (below) have been unearthed during excavations of an Amazonian burial vault. It is the first substantial underground burial site belonging to an ancient South American culture ever found.
The Peter and Paul Cathedral - where religious icons bear a suspicious resemblance to the Romanovs - is the burial vault of Russia's tsars, while the Church of the Spilled Blood, with its gaudy domes, is built on the spot where Alexander II was murdered by a revolutionary assassin in 1881.
They were intended to receive human remains - up to 30 bodies were found in the chamber at Lligwy, which has a capstone weighing over 25 tons, suggesting that at least one of its functions was to serve as a burial vault.
Also, there is no law requiring an expensive burial vault. There are a couple of books available for people seeking instruction in simple burial and death education.
He will be linking the night's varied programmes while playing archaeological detective during an excavation to reveal the secrets of a burial vault deep beneath the city centre.
Doric's "Lydian" burial vault, meanwhile, seems a fine receptacle to encase one's Summerfield.
Recently, when a certain church burial vault required relocating, the bones were studied for density before they were re-interred.
In chapter LVI, Nell is shown the church burial vault by the old sexton.
He encounters Paris, kills him, and finds Juliet in the burial vault. He gives her a last kiss and kills himself with poison.