burial mound

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(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs

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Councillors argued that there were thousands of other burial mounds in the area that would remain untouched, but said a new access road was needed to ease traffic flow.
Greek Culture Minister Costas Tasoulas visited the burial mound in northern Greece Saturday to announce the new phase of the exploration.
It helps to give you an impression of what the Bronze Age burial mound may have looked like 4,000 years ago.
A new class of burial, the baicho or satellite burial mound, may belong to a sub-group of administrators, some of whom appear to be military figures.
The different eras can be followed through flint tools and bone fish hooks to the "Bronze Age bling" - intricate jet necklaces found in burial mounds and gleaming swords sacrificed in peat bogs.
The "interior" was actually located underneath the shed's "facade," inside the giant structure supporting both the facade and its (hollow) burial mound.
Starting on Wednesday small groups will be allowed into the Newgrange tomb in Co Meath to see the rays of the midwinter solstice sun beam deep into the ancient burial mound at dawn.
But Alligator Mound is different because it is not a burial mound.
The largest burial mound is about 35 metres in diameter and seven metres high.
In the form of a burial mound, the monument displays the symbols of the Kalmyks' culture and Buddhist faith.
The author pulls many of the thematic strands together in the last full chapter, where she discusses a lengthy case of "mining" of the artifacts of a temple or burial mound by the Spanish and, reluctantly, the Indian headman.
At the beginning of the Kofun period (AD 250-552), the figures were set in the ground around the sides of burial mound, like a pottery fence, to prevent erosion.
There it was, a grass-covered hillock in the corner -- also known as Indian burial mound No.
The imposing mosaic unearthed in the burial mound complex at Amphipolis was described in last week's Iran Times.
Washington, July 31 ( ANI ): Archaeologists from the University of Manchester and Herefordshire Council have discovered the remains of two large 6000-year-old halls, each buried within a prehistoric burial mound in Britain.