burial mound

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(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs

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"Our careful excavation means we have lots of detailed records and data that will complement the application of scientific techniques to allow us to learn as much as possible about the necklace, the person who was buried with it, and the burial mound."
DUBAI: The UNESCO World Heritage Committee added Bahrain's Dilmun Burial Mounds to the World Heritage List on Saturday for its "globally unique characteristics."
The Seven Masaki was once contained in seven separate burial mounds and watched over seven families.
Horse headdress, late 4th-early 3rd century BC, Pazyryk 2 burial mound, Altai Mountains, southern Siberia, felt, leather, wood, gold foil, htc.
THE latest 3D MODELLING technology has led archaeologists to believe that a 5,000 year old ancient burial mound may have been part of a much larger complex.
3 Left at largest burial mound to boardwalk to bench, right to track, sharp left at junction, right for 150m.
Notably, the circle occasionally encloses a central funerary deposit that is also covered by a burial mound of soil or small rocks, as occurs for the burial mound cromlechs of Pittarre, Bixustia, Ondarre I and II, etc.
Past shards of bowls, arrowheads, the beads of some small-wristed gatherer whose teeth are sown beneath a grass-sealed burial mound, you lead us.
The burial mound is a large area more than five acres (two hectares) in size.
ATHENS, Greece, Shawwal 29, 1435, Aug 25, 2014, SPA -- Archaeologists excavating an ancient tomb under a massive burial mound in northern Greece have entered the underground structure, which appears to have been looted in antiquity, AP reported.
The mound appearing through the mist was the burial mound (long barrow).
The cage fighter, who's been making headlines recently following his acrimonious split with Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton, stars as a Celtic Warrior who's resurrected from the ancient Celtic burial mound Bryn Celli Du, in his first short film Dragon Chasers.
IF you go walking up to Penycloddiau Hillfort in the Clwydian Range, you may notice a new addition to the site - a burial mound.
I gaveAndy Murray a serving suggestion: peppercorn sauce An ideal accompaniment with nearly every main course I played pasta parcels at the minestrone of sound Found aCoke can withmy detector on an ancient burial mound I drink decapitated tea to getme offmy head I drink reincarnationmilk to bringmeback to life I had irritable vowel syndrome it was a pain in theA They said to cure inconsonants I should eat special K The dim lit lane is long and narrow Is the blue tit just a glorified sparrow?