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the purpose of this consultation is to entrust the operation of the municipal burial chamber within the framework of a public service concession.
The Deir Rifeh site was excavated in 1906 and the burial chamber was actually in the courtyard of a bigger tomb.
Carter's own notes and photographic evidence indicate that he, Lord Carnarvon, and Lady Evelyn Herbert entered the burial chamber shortly after the tomb's discovery and before the official opening.
The tombs were found built out of mud-brick, and the first one is the biggest with an entrance that leads into a rectangular hall, where visitors can find two other burial chambers, as Ayman Ashmawi, the head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector at the ministry explains.
The sculptures include Blaenavon Ironworks, Castell y Bere in Snowdonia, and the Neolithic burial chamber Pentre Ifan and Tintern Abbey.
Chief excavator Katerina Peristeri, who backs the buried general theory, initially insisted the grave was not plundered but changed her mind after the burial chamber was found looted.
Since the end of April this year, visitors to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt have been able to see two versions--the original and a facsimile --of the burial chamber of Tutankhamun.
When the burial chamber of a Mayan sorceress is discovered in western Belize, cryptic metallic scrolls within reveal a secret mountain entrance leading to a destination referred to as Trinium, the Place of Knowledge.
From the surface, the only hint of a burial chamber was a depression in the ground.
There is a pattern of the development of habitation from the cursus, timber circle at Pittentian and large standing stone - removed by a farmer ploughing his field - to the Stayt, and the discovery of a burial chamber 150 years ago.
HUMAN remains, including a number of skulls, were found in a long lost burial chamber - by workmen fixing a water leak.
In 1926, they revealed a burial chamber in the Octagon, holding the bones of a young woman.
Ancient burial chamber, great views of Snowdonia and a Fairy Glen.
The second volume completes the publication of all the project's recorded data on the monument with records of Mereruka's main pillared hall, the magazines and the burial chamber.
His burial chamber in the west wing of the Van Castle is composed of five separate sections.