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Synonyms for burgoo

porridge made of rolled oats


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a gathering at which burgoo stew is served

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thick spicy stew of whatever meat and whatever vegetables are available

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We hosted a sparser, albeit memorable, reception; consulate staff lunched on leftover Kentucky burgoo the next day and Secretary Clinton's visit proceeded as planned the following week.
Burgoo has historians aflutter with contradictions about its origin.
Spectators filled the famous infield, enjoying the traditional mint juleps and the stew called burgoo. Men in tailored suits and women in fancy dresses and big hats took up the good seats in Millionaires Row.
Dine with Frankenstein, attend a burgoo and a birthday party, meet a grumpy garden dude and slurp hot zoop.
Succotash, burgoo, and a she-crab dish stand in contrast to the cliche goat cheese and beet salad, pizza and roast chicken found on other menus in the neighborhood.
They'd fed him 'burgoo' (16) to fatten him up and my adolescent Dad had earned his keep taking turns at winding the ferry punt cable.
A portion of the poems in All of Your Messages Have Been Erased continue in this conversationally confessional mode, including one about a son fishing, another that encompasses a Kentucky childhood of squirrel burgoo and casual cruelty, and yet another about missing a mother's last breath.
Squirrel has long been a traditional favourite in the US south-west where it was cooked in a spicy stew called Burgoo and nicknamed "roadkill soup".
William Handy, who during the mutiny cleared the quarterdeck of officers with the help of a burgoo stirrer, explained "with an Oath that the World was nothing without liberty." (97) The crew of the Hermione apparently agreed.
For example, a text about the history of shipping might mention the term 'burgoo' and include an informal definition as the food given to sailors, mentioning that it was usually a stew but in some cases was oatmeal porridge.
Diet was a dreary rotation of hard sea biscuits, salted pork and beef, pea soup and burgoo (boiled oatmeal).
Then there's burgoo, a throwback dish to the pioneer days of the state, which is a thick, meat-based stew made with anything from squirrel meat to beef--another Kentucky classic.
She describes surprisingly varied meals and includes recipes for such delicacies as sea pie, lobscouse and burgoo. Distributed in the US by Naval Institute Press.
Brought up under the tenet of 'what won't fatten will fill' the stodge, which I love to this day, ranged from Navvy or Chinese wedding cake to pea doo and burgoo, both allegedly liquid but capable of holding a spoon vertical.
Our deck was down below and when it got a bit rough you would see stew and burgoo come flying down the stairs and orderlies after it.