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a mayor of a municipality in Germany or Holland or Flanders or Austria

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This stone was unveiled by the Burgomaster of Zutphen, Herr J.
Burgomaster, K.A., Hughes, S.C., Heigenhauser, G.J., Bradwell, S.N.
A concentracao de proteinas foi mensurada pelo metodo de Bradford modificado e a quantificacao proteica pela tecnica de Western blotting (Burgomaster e colaboradores, 2005; Gao e colaboradores, 2016).
(6.) Burgomaster KA, Howarth KR, Phillips SM, Rakobowchuk M, Macdonald MJ, McGee SL, Gibala MJ.
In 1947, after the war, the Burgomaster of Zoutlande wrote a touching letter to Angus's family, telling them he had been buried in the village.
The Burgomaster's Daughter: Scandal in a Sixteenth-Century German Town.
No entanto, os resultados apontam para a diminuicao da gordura corporal, aumentos expressivos de forca, massa muscular, resistencia aerobica e modulacao enzimatica mitocondrial, quando utilizado este modelo de treinamento (Alkahtani e colaboradores, 2013; Burgomaster e colaboradores, 2005; Trapp e colaboradores, 2008).
Burgomaster et al (20) observed an increase in the maximal activity of citrate synthase leading to increased muscle oxidative potential and twice the endurance capacity in cyclers who performed 6 sessions of 15-minute sprint cycling over a 2-week time period.
The artificial scarcity of some Rembrandt prints played against this market, as when impressions of his portrait of Burgomaster Six (Fig.
Sites along the route have listening stones - where visitors can hear an audio account of what happened - with number 41 at the White House unveiled by the local burgomaster and KOSB veterans in 2011.
Denzil played the wicked Burgomaster in Hippodrome pantomime the Pied Piper of Hamlyn, which starred Frankie Vaughan, Norman Vaughan and Freddy parrot face Davies.
Surviving documents record a great procession of burgomasters across the Dam Square amidst a trumpet fanfare, an address by the presiding burgomaster followed by an "open-house" reception of the public in the new space, a celebratory salute of the civic militia companies, and a two-month kermesse in front of the new building.
(26) However, specific treatments might also cause unwanted reactions, as evident in the case of an Amsterdam burgomaster, who, because of complaints of excessive gastric acid, was treated with Lapides Cancrorum (prepared Crab's stones, which works as an anti-acid), and got much worse.
It is very amusing to watch the proceedings of the parasitical gulls, of whom two or three species exist here--Larus parasiticus [Stercorarius parasiticus, the Parasitic Jaeger] and Larus glaucus [Larus hyperboreus, the Glaucous Gull]; the latter is called by the Dutchmen the "Burgomaster," from this tyrannical and rapacious selfishness.
The Burgomaster, M Van de Maulebrock, answered the general's speech of thanks.