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Synonyms for burgle

commit a burglary

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Hewings has denied burgling the home of Newport Crown Court's Judge David Morris and his wife Caroline, in January.
A MAN was jailed for 18 months for burgling two properties in one night after police caught him pedalling a stolen bicycle.
Sentencing him Greg Bull, QC, said: 'This type of domestic burglary is a despicable offence and burgling your own grandfather is beneath contempt, you'll admit.
He admitted burgling the DJ booth at the Jokers pub on Yarm Lane, Stockton, stealing DJ equipment on August 5.
in burgling their homes and rob-"You had no compunction whatsoever in burgling their homes and robbing their shops.
With this forensic evidence, Roberts confessed to burgling 17 houses between May and July this year, including properties in Jackson Road, St Margaret's Road and Ward End Road.
ASERIAL burglar left a grieving daughter devastated by burgling her home on the day she collected her father's ashes.
S was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of burgling several apartments in Al Ghusais and Jebel Ali.
Higgins also admitted separate charges of burgling three commercial premises at Market Avenue in Huddersfield.
THE son of footballer Trevor Francis yesterday denied burgling the Warwickshire home of ex-Aston Villa star Lee Hendrie.
The group all admitted burgling the shed and attempting to burgle the house.
Summary: JEDDAH: Two illegal overstayers were arrested in Jeddah recently for burgling over 30 homes in the city, said police.
One 25-year-old man who admitted burgling NINE villas was given a 30-month suspended prison sentence.
So I guess it would seem churlish to ask, after reports that some police officers get paid pounds 100 for simply taking a work-related phone call after their shift, exactly how these PR jollies reduce crime, such as the burgling of houses near the school, and exactly what they teach the children.
Lee is today in Durham Prison waiting to be sentenced after he admitted burgling Diane's home and taking the rings his gran had passed on to her, as well as other valuable goods.