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Synonyms for burgle

commit a burglary

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The suspects confessed to burgling the home, while the 24-year-old also confessed to two more burglaries and a robbery, committed in Nicosia between April and June, 2014.
James Francis is accused of burgling the cottage, which was being used for storage, between July 18 and August 3 last year.
Jonathan Challinor, defending, said: "Mr Byrne did not know at the time he decided to burgle the premises that he was burgling somebody's residence.
THE father of a man who was kicked and stamped to death by three youths after he disturbed them burgling his house, said yesterday that he had been left "devastated" by the murder.
Brett Frewin had pleaded guilty to burgling the DJ's home and an address in Poppy Lane, Erdington, but denied involvement in the robbery in Maney Hill Road.
Kosztor says she went back to burgling in order to fund the publishing of her memoirs but she could face seven and a half years in prison for her latest escapade, Reuters reported.
Tory MP Sir Wyn Roberts said: "If they are owning up generally to burgling, perhaps they would help the police by letting them know which houses and which premises they burgled.
These included: | | Pleading guilty to burgling a home on Mulberry Wynd, central Stockton, stealing tools and a torch, | Admitting trying to burgle another home on the same street, | Admitting burgling a home on Sadberge Road, central Stockton, taking keys, an Xbox 360 games console, a suitcase, power bank and earphones, | And he pleaded guilty to taking a woman's Vauxhall Corsa without her consent.
A MAN is behind bars after burgling a neighbour and taking his property for "safe keeping".
A PITTSBURGH pastor's niece and her boyfriend have been charged with burgling they burgled the clergyman's home while he conducted a Christmas Eve service.
A TEENAGER accused of burgling several properties on his street has appeared in court again.
Philip Brown and Robert Harper both pleaded guilty to burgling a house in Knowle, attempting to burgle a neighbouring house and then burgling another house in Dorridge.
Summary: JEDDAH: A gang of 10 men, all of different nationalities, were arrested in Jeddah's Kilo 7 district for burgling shops in the area.
AN MP'S wife was committed for Crown Court trial yesterday charged with burgling the home of her husband's lover and stealing a kitten.
He also admitted burgling another property where he stole 12 bottles of wine, and theft of a bottle of wine from a Tesco supermarket.