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Synonyms for burgle



Synonyms for burgle

commit a burglary

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Mold Crown Court heard how the victims went to the expense of changing all the locks - but they were burgled while they slept four nights later after accidentally leaving the door unlocked.
West Yorkshire Police recorded 96,029 burglaries between January 2008 and December 2013 with some 9,770 properties burgled before.
But Smith stole the house key from his dad then burgled the man's home, stealing his bank card and buying himself almost PS1,000 of jewellery.
We were burgled in September while we were sleeping, our neighbours were burgled while they slept and it goes on and on.
But in the early hours of the morning he was called by a neighbour who told him his flat had been burgled.
He spoke after being burgled again on Tuesday, March 12, when a selection of silverware from throughout his political career was taken.
have to wonder if Judge Bowers has ever been burgled.
The Prime Minister, who revealed he had been burgled twice, branded the offence "hateful".
TWO men who were acting suspiciously near to a house that was burgled are being sought by police.
Fingerprints obtained from some of the houses that were burgled matched those of the two men who have been arrested.
Summary: Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox described the "not a very nice feeling" of being burgled while he was at home.
At first, my heart sank, as I assumed the school had been burgled - perhaps by the same scumbag who twice broke into my home within a six-month period.
LITTLE Britain star David Walliams was burgled as he helped raise cash for Sport Relief yesterday.
Liverpool stars Pepe Reina, Daniel Agger and Peter Crouch have also been burgled while playing for the club in Europe recently.
A CRIME-hit couple fear they could be forced to move out of their home for a second time -because they cannot get insurance after being burgled TEN times.