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Synonyms for burgle



Synonyms for burgle

commit a burglary

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'The defendant, in his attempt to burgle the provision store in the middle of the night, was caught in the act by neighbours who heard noise coming from the ceiling of the store,' Fidelis said.
Carey, 26, of Lisle Road, South Shields, was sentenced to five years for conspiracy to burgle, conspiracy to steal and kidnap and Hudson, 26, of Redhead Avenue, South Shields, got four years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to burgle and steal and kidnap.
HOW absurd to say it takes courage to burgle and then let the perpetrator walk free.
During the nine-week trial the court heard how he chased the youths out of his house after he disturbed them trying to burgle it, and how they turned on him, attacking him outside until he lay unconscious on the ground, before going back to ransack the house.
The case against Bailey and Robert Harrington, a former Thames Valley and Regional Crime Squad detective accused of attempting to obtain pounds 500 from one jockey and conspiring to burgle another, is expected to be heard over three days at Bow Street Magistrates Court.
Muzaffer Ayub, 23, of Selbourne Avenue, Dewsbury, pleaded guilty to going equipped to burgle and was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment suspended for two years and 200 hours of community work.
The group all admitted burgling the shed and attempting to burgle the house.
A MAN has been warned he faces a lengthy prison sentence after he admitted conspiring to burgle houses and steal vehicles in North Wales.
Lewis Adams, 23, and Carl Duckering, 25, conspired to burgle five isolated properties in Middlesbrough, Whitby, Pickering and Stokesley.
Jonathan Challinor, defending, said: "Mr Byrne did not know at the time he decided to burgle the premises that he was burgling somebody's residence.
Giving evidence on Friday, Hodgson told the jury at Teesside Crown Court how on the afternoon of Friday, September 4, he had gone to Hartburn in the morning looking for a property to burgle so he could pay for drugs.
Two men, aged 24 and 25, from Sheldon were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to burgle.
Burglars all over the country must be rubbing their hands together and laughing at what amounts to a licence to burgle.
In July he tried to burgle a house in Sontley Road, Wrexham and burgled another two properties in Wrexham.
Leah Dillon, defending, said McNab did not plan to burgle the premises and had acted on the spur of the moment.