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Synonyms for burglary

breaking and entering

Synonyms for burglary

the act of entering a building or room with the intent to commit theft

Words related to burglary

entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property

References in classic literature ?
especially about the waist) when you first came into the house, and I can't help liking the make of you still -- though you have committed burglary, and though you are as crooked as Sin.
Burglary or no burglary," said old Mazey, "she's a fine-grown girl, if ever there was a fine one yet.
Acton whose house had been the scene of the original burglary.
To get at this, I endeavored first of all to solve the reason of the original burglary at Mr.
Having found nothing they tried to divert suspicion by making it appear to be an ordinary burglary, to which end they carried off whatever they could lay their hands upon.
I ought to be able to add that I heard the burglary discussed on adjacent couches before I left I certainly listened for it, and was rather disappointed more than once when I had held my breath in vain.
This fact, which has been very clearly made out, proves conclusively that it was no mere haphazard burglary.
I should like to hear you explain how burglary is collecting what is coming to you.
You haven't explained how burglary, in your case, is merely collecting what is your own," she said.
I don't know whether he had ever confided his savings to de Barral but if so, judging from his appearance, they must have been the proceeds of some successful burglary.
I had helped him to commit one burglary, therefore I was a burglar, too.
Harkee, friend Ishmael Bush," returned the bee-hunter, who found that he was expected to answer to the charge of burglary, as well as to that of abduction; "that I did not give the most civil treatment to your pots and pails, I am not going to gainsay.
but all would not do, they were over-ruled by the rest; the two wenches swore home to the fact, and the jury found the bill against me for robbery and house-breaking, that is, for felony and burglary.
In short, I was found guilty of felony, but acquitted of the burglary, which was but small comfort to me, the first bringing me to a sentence of death, and the last would have done no more.
But if those two fellows were to commit a burglary to-morrow, my opinion of this action would be equally high.