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Synonyms for burglar

Synonyms for burglar

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a thief who enters a building with intent to steal

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What sort of burglars are they who steal silver and then throw it into the nearest pond?
We must make it appear that burglars had done the thing.
Then he carefully scrutinized the broken and frayed end where it had snapped off when the burglar had dragged it down.
Is it not extraordinary that a burglary--and a burglar who had had some previous experience--should deliberately break into a house at a time when he could see from the lights that two of the family were still afoot?
You must remember that we are dealing with a burglar who is a very peculiar fellow, and who appears to work on lines of his own.
And now," said he, "it really would be a good thing that we should all go over the house together and make certain that this rather erratic burglar did not, after all, carry anything away with him.
Even if I rescued Raffles for the time being, the police would promptly ascertain that it was I who had been rung up by the burglar, and the fact of my not having said a word about it would be directly damning to me, if in the end it did not incriminate us both.
You haven't hit upon any reason for the sort of burglar they think you were, ringing up the kind of man they know I am?
Why should a burglar call an innocent gentleman away from home?
My wife seems to think I am a burglar," he said, recklessly.
After the police had sternly reprimanded James Williams for imitating a copyrighted burglar and given him as honourable a discharge as the department was capable of, Mrs.
A burglar with a bad cold," observed Father Brown, "that might assist you to trace him in the neighbourhood.
Well, if you are not going to bother about the burglar, I shouldn't bother about the lunch.
You must remember that mustard, vinegar, oil and so on vanished with the cruet and the burglar.
Not one of them had half the spunk of this or that burglar he had known.