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secure against burglary

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But Daniel Muhia, whose family business has been making burglarproof doors for banks, saccos, retail chains, petrol stations and a few high-end offices across the country has now found a new market.
Because something sprouts from every corpse, because no skin is airtight and no secret is burglarproof, slow as gold spring begins under the snow.
behind burglarproof glass" and "Social-Democratic neither/nor," having had it with people who obsess about the "half-life of their vegetables" and take courses in How to Cope With Grief, Grass sent himself to Calcutta for six months in 1987, where he found more shame.
Privacy, for example, is just as important as security to many homeowners, so sacrificing an 8-foot-tall front hedge to make a home more burglarproof may not hold much appeal.