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Synonyms for burglarize

to enter forcibly or illegally

Synonyms for burglarize

commit a burglary

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Besides being burglarized, the tenants also received letters threatening deportation and death.
About 1 percent of residents in gated communities are burglarized annually, compared to 1.
Studies show that homes with an electronic security system are roughly two to three times less likely to be burglarized than homes without one, It is said that most burglars are inexperienced and are simply looking for an easy opportunity, but lack the patience to pursue breaking into a home that has deterrents
If you have someone guarding your school, and it keeps getting burglarized and vandalized, you change the guard.
In addition, when the building site was burglarized last year, Dressel coordinated replacement of the stolen tools and arranged for a secure gang-box for tool storage through the Bergen County Building and Construction Trades Council which also rallied support among its members.
This time out Rios--who, like Nava, is a gay Mexican-American Attorney--defends a young homo who has burglarized the home of a famous film director.
Among commercial enterprises, suites in office parks face the highest risk of being burglarized, according to a study by Metrica, Inc.
police said the governor's home was burglarized over the weekend but did not make the crime public until Wednesday.
After his Clovis, New Mexico, home was burglarized three times within a week, 85-year-old Alton Tillman put an end to it.
There were at least 13 vehicles hit -- two of the cars also were burglarized -- and authorities expected more reports could come in.
Highlights include the following: between 2002 and 2003, the percentage of homes experiencing crimes (about 15 percent) did not change significantly; in 2003, about 3 in 1,000 households included a member victimized by an intimate partner, such as a current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend; and in 2003, about 1 in every 26 homes was either burglarized or had a member aged 12 or older who experienced a violent crime committed by a stranger.
James Edward Bloss, 23, said he burglarized five houses or apartments, several of them in a neighborhood near the Lane County Fairgrounds.
Two months later, Daniel burglarized yet another house, this time beating the 81-year-old man who lived there to death.