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Synonyms for burglarize

to enter forcibly or illegally

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Synonyms for burglarize

commit a burglary

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On Sunday, his $12.1 million mansion was reportedly burglarized. (AP File Photo)
4 ( ANI ): Hollywood actress Caitlin McHugh's hotel room has been burglarized of more
This new post comes after (http://cms.ibtimes.com/hilary-duffs-home-burglarized-while-younger-star-was-vacation-2569690) Duff's house was burglarized while she was vacationing in Canada in July.
Three witnesses testified they heard Kaarma say his house had been burglarized and he'd been waiting up nights to shoot an intruder.
The home of the international had already been burglarized in May
Damascus, (SANA)- Armed terrorist groups have attacked the historic building of Hercules storehouses in al-Raqa and burglarized their contents of hundreds of historical pieces, including various potteries and plasters and parts of mosaic pictures, General directorate of Antiquities and Museums said in a statement on Sunday.
In the Spring 2013 issue of Justice Quarterly, two criminologists, Lynn Addington of American University and Callie Marie Rennison of the University of Colorado in Denver, consider data from the National Crime Victimization Survey for 2009 and 2010."All other things being equal," they report, "households in gated communities have 33 percent lower odds of being burglarized than a similar housing unit in a non-gated community."
The man was heading toward summer homes that had recently been burglarized. ECO Steingart called the Fallsburg PD for assistance, and then he and Buck followed the man's tracks.
Tenants, especially first-time renters, need to realize that going without renter's insurance is a big risk, as rental units are burglarized 50 percent more often than owner-occupied properties.
Hashem's wife reported earlier on Friday that her residence was ransacked and burglarized shortly after her husband vanished.
But others see a system that's ripe for abuse, said Ramin Shalom, who manages 238 East 50th Street, a six-story rental where police say Soylemez burglarized a top-floor apartment.
Those simple, metal gun cabinets might be okay for keeping out a small child, but a quality safe is an investment that will really pay off if you are ever burglarized.
government case against him eventually fell apart" and that "all charges against Ellsberg were eventually dropped." Actually, his trial ended with a dismissal in federal court in Los Angeles in May 1973 for a number of reasons including not least the public disclosure that the Nixon plumbers had burglarized the Beverly Hills office of Lewis Fielding, Ellsberg's psychoanalyst, in an attempt to find material in his patient files that might be damaging.
While a student at the University of Texas in Austin, Breathed's duplex was burglarized by a man presumed to be the same person who killed Cahill.