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a citizen of an English borough


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Shall we not see him pale, streaming with blood, covered with shame?" And was not this a sweet triumph for the burghers of the Hague, whose envy even beat that of the common rabble; a triumph in which every honest citizen and townsman might be expected to share?
No violence, however, had as yet been committed; and the file of horsemen who were guarding the approaches of the Buytenhof remained cool, unmoved, silent, much more threatening in their impassibility than all this crowd of burghers, with their cries, their agitation, and their threats.
The burghers shook their muskets, repeating their cry, --
"And do you know, sir, that we have muskets?" roared the commandant of the burghers.
"Death to the traitors!" cried the exasperated burghers.
Left to Right: Judge Benjimin Burgher, Legal Consultant; Chief Justice of the Abu Dhabi Labour Court, Judge Abdullah Faris Ali Al Nuaimi and Fatma Abdurahim Obaid, Head of Human Rights Section who address media on labour awareness at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department on Monday.
xii) In the medieval world, the clearest analog to entrepreneur was not a burgher in general but a merchant in particular.
BBG (Butler Burgher Group) announced an expansion of its executive leadership team.
19 August 2014 - US property valuation and consulting company Butler Burgher Group (BBG) said it had acquired New York City-based sector player Leitner Group Inc without revealing the financial particulars of the deal.
To a burgher like Weinsberg, the paper and words he used were potent means of acting in the world and forming a "paper memory" to pass on his legacy.
Ginn has 14 years of experience in environmental consulting that includes careers at Butler Burgher Real Estate Group and American Civil Engineering Services.
Moving from the governing families to the upper ranks of noble and burgher estates are entries by Elena Brizio, Jamie Smith, Shennan Hutton, and Mauro Carboni.
Joel Burgher, 23, told police that he had no intention of harvesting the plants or of making a profit from his circle of friends.